Get in the game: The Backroom puts esports fans at the heart of the action

February 29 17:27 2024

The Backroom’s Kickstarter campaign aims to revolutionize esports by enabling fan participation in tournament outcomes through a unique crowd-staking platform. This project allows fans to support their favorite players, influencing the game while sharing in the victories. It also promotes emerging talents through Creator Events. Backers receive rewards like event passes and exclusive merchandise.

The platform introduces an innovative crowd-staking experience, allowing fans to watch and actively influence the outcome of tournaments. Fans are not mere onlookers but active participants, making strategic choices that could shape the destiny of esports stars. Through a transparent and fair crowd-staking experience, fans can stake their favorite players and share in the collective thrill of victory.

“The Backroom is more than a platform; it’s a revolution in esports engagement. We are creating a space where fans become an integral part of the game, shaping the destiny of players and tournaments. This Kickstarter campaign is the next step in our journey to redefine how esports enthusiasts experience and contribute to the world of competitive gaming.” – The Backroom.

The Backroom stands as a beacon for players seeking support to compete at higher levels and for fans eager to be part of the esports narrative. By directly backing chosen competitors, fans become instrumental in shaping prize pools and sharing the collective thrill of victory.

“We believe in the power of community. The Backroom is not just about building teams; it’s about forging lasting bonds and collective triumphs in the esports world. We’re providing a launchpad for monetizing esports skill and passion, giving every player a chance to turn their fan base into a living, thriving support system.” 

Parallel to its core offerings, The Backroom will offer Creator Events, providing up-and-coming esports players and streamers with a platform to host their tournaments. These events empower gamers to engage their followers, increase their visibility, and catch the eye of professional esports teams. 

Backers of The Backroom Kickstarter campaign will receive various perks based on their pledged amount. These include single event passes, exclusive merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, and hoodies, lifetime access to The Backroom and VIP event tickets, and the opportunity to compete alongside pros in a Backroom Pro/Am event. 

For more information and to support The Backroom campaign on Kickstarter, please visit Kickstarter.

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