Luna’s Bedtime Stories: Revolutionizing interactive storytelling.

February 29 17:12 2024

Luna’s Bedtime Stories, a groundbreaking EdTech application merges traditional storytelling with modern technology, offering children an interactive and personalized storytelling experience. With Luna’s Bedtime Stories, children become the stars and directors of their adventures, shaping the narrative with every click.

“Luna’s Bedtime Stories is not just an app; it’s a transformative journey for parents and children. We believe in the power of storytelling to instill values, and our app takes that experience to the next level,” – Luna’s Bedtime Stories.

Luna’s Bedtime Stories allows children to explore enchanted kingdoms and outer-space adventures with personalized plotlines that align with family values. The app focuses on moral education, critical thinking, and enhancing parent-child bonding. Every story allows children to make choices that impact the plot, fostering engagement and learning.

“Our app is designed not only to entertain but also educate. We want children to actively participate in the stories, making decisions that shape their character’s journey and imparting valuable life lessons.”

Luna’s Bedtime Stories aims to harness AI’s capabilities to deliver engaging and value-infused stories that create strong bonds between children and their parents while fostering a love for learning. The app aspires to nurture a generation of eager learners who don’t just hear stories but shape their narratives. It ensures age-appropriate and engaging content, providing a daily, interactive learning experience that encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills. 

“We’ve made Luna’s Bedtime Stories easy for parents to incorporate into their daily routine. Just a few simple steps, and you’re on an exciting narrative journey with your child.”

Luna’s Stories was born from a vision to create a platform filled with transformative tales for children worldwide. Inspired by tales that shaped the founder’s life and values, the app empowers parents to pass on timeless values in a digitally engaging way.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive exclusive perks based on their pledged amount: 

  • Super Early Bird 1 Year Access: $59 – 1 year unlimited stories
  • Early Bird 1 Year Access: $69 – 1 year unlimited stories
  • Super Early Bird 1 Lifetime Access: $249 – Lifetime unlimited stories
  • Early Bird 1 Lifetime Access: $299 – 1 lifetime access

“Our backers are not just supporting an app; they are supporting a vision to shape the narratives of young minds and create a generation of eager learners,” Sid added.

To know more and to support Luna’s Bedtime Stories on Kickstarter, please visit Kickstarter.

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