​​NameApes (Formerly ENSdom) Introduces New Clubs and Listing Tools for Buying and Selling ENS Domain Names

March 31 02:52 2023

NameApes (formerly ENSdom) is excited to introduce its ENS domain services for buying, selling and trading the high-in-demand Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names. NameApes’ mission is to make the entire process easier, cheaper and accessible to everyone. Among the new features, NameApes enables bulk listing of ENS names and bulk buying for ENS investors.

ENS names are the future of the internet and the way people buy, sell and transact online. The ENS domain name marketplace is buzzing with activity every day. At NameApes, users need just a single transaction to buy, sell or promote their ENS asset across multiple NFT marketplaces (NameApes, Opensea, Looksrare and X2Y2).

Browsing for popular, rare or in-demand ENS names is easier with NameApes. There is a wide range of clubs listed here, including the 10K club, the 999 club, Pre-Punk Club, Single Ethmoji, USA Zip Codes, Surnames, Turkish forenames, symbols, quads, emojis and hundreds more. Users can search ENS domains in various categories such as popular, notable, new, early and favourites.

NameApes is also cheaper than other tools for ENS Bulk Search and Registration. Users pay 17% less gas fee when they register many names in a bundle. The ENS bulk registration feature requires only a single transaction, thus saving on gas and time. The discounts available can save up to 40% in Ether compared to the traditional method of ENS Name registration.

The bulk tool can be used with the club listings to search and list all available ENS domain names. Users can select the club, go to Register and get a list of names that are available. Next, they can use the Add to List button. Registration can be done in a two-stage process of Reserve and Payment.

“Our vision is to allow everyone to own an ENS domain name, and for that we have created NameApes that makes it very easy and accessible to a wider demographic – from experienced traders and investors, entrepreneurs, personal users and those with no prior knowledge of ENS or blockchain. We also share the latest news and updates,” said a spokesperson from NameApes.

The name ‘NameApes’ signified the focus on ‘Great Apes’ and the NFT community. The platform currently has over 320 ENS clubs and categories, and more are added every day. This makes NameApes the most comprehensive ENS buy and sell platform. What’s more, users are also allowed to create and list their own club.

Here is how to go about buying an ENS domain name on NameApes:

Apart from the browse and search facility, buyers can also start with any chosen club, and check sales details of the listed domain, price trends and sales records. Names can be sorted by category, various listed clubs or length. 

From the Buy tab, users can add their chosen names to the shopping cart. The cart can be edited and reviewed, after which the user can proceed with the purchase using their wallet. Transaction times vary depending on the gas fee.

An important feature is registration of available club domain names, and NameApes offers a list of available names under each club. Users can join the club by registering these names.

For ENS traders, NameApes has launched a new bulk listing tool. ENS domains can be listed in bulk on various NFT platforms such as Opensea or ENS markets. No gas fee is utilised for the listing. A special offer for bulk dealers is the NameApes membership that offers 0% trading fee for any ENS domain listed by them on NameApes. 

Members also get homepage visibility for their listings, 50% discount for bulk orders (making it 75% cheaper than elsewhere), and other benefits. A special pinned club is created for Members. 

“For pro bulk users, NameApes offers a membership that confers great benefits, such as zero selling fees, homepage visibility and an exclusive Alpha feature that shares detailed score information going beyond the first page scores,” said the spokesperson.

To become a member in the month of April 2023, a special deal is available: users can become a member by listing 50 names on NameApes for at least 7 days. 

NameApes is a dedicated buying, selling and trading platform for ENS domain names. The NFT community and anyone who wants to own a personalised or rare ENS domain name will find all the tools and features they need to acquire their domain name on a platform that is transparent, easy to use and cheaper than elsewhere.


NameApes.com is created to let you find other Apes and make your own ENS Clubs. We want to allow the ENS community to have independence in their clubs. We will allow any request to make a new club as long as it is not a duplicate or superset of several clubs. Once a club is created by you, any further edits will also be updated without questions. Within an ENS Club, find names to register, see what names are selling and what names you can buy from the secondary market at the lowest price. For more information, please visit: https://www.nameapes.com/

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