Audio-sharing Bluetooth is opening up a new world of sound

March 20 12:09 2023
Hears Hearing & Hearables is keeping tabs on the newest Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth has become a cutting-edge technology today. It has greatly enhanced the way electronic devices connect, providing many conveniences for different niches. Among the many areas it has helped elevate is the hearing experience, especially for hearing aid device wearers.

Audio-sharing Bluetooth, known as LE Audio or AURACAST Audio is a promising capability for all Bluetooth-enabled devices. The new feature allows two or more hearing devices to connect to a source and share the audio. While Bluetooth has been widely used to connect earbuds or headphones to any electronic device to hear its sound, audio-sharing Bluetooth takes it to a new level by allowing more than one hearing device to be connected to an audio source so users can listen to its audio together, regardless of what they are doing, without disturbing others around them.

This new Bluetooth feature can offer many opportunities for streaming audio to a wider audience. It will benefit people who use personal hearing devices such as headphones, earbuds, and speakers when they listen to music (or a television program in a public place like the airport).

At the same time, it will also benefit hearing aid device wearers who need all the conveniences available to make their day-to-day activities lighter. People with hearing loss have a hard time hearing from a distance, like when they’re watching a TV at a sports bar.

“Imagine that you, who may or may not have hearing loss, walk into a sports bar to watch a football game and want to hear the announcers. It will be easy to just connect to that TV with Auracast, LE Audio Bluetooth, and just like that, the sound is right into your Bluetooth audio device. It’s game-changing. Maybe the movie theaters will offer LE Audio for people so you won’t miss a word of that movie,” said Kim Fishman, audiologist and founder of Hears Hearing & Hearables.

With this promising improvement, Hears Hearing & Hearables is keeping tabs on the progress of this Bluetooth upgrade.

Hears, Hearing & Hearables is an online Ear and Hearing store that offers carefully curated products for ear and hearing needs, such as amplifiers, streamers, and other assisted listening devices. It also created a community dedicated to hearing wellness.

Hears, Hearing & Hearables also supports its members who may or may not have hearing loss by keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, like the new Bluetooth and devices that help people hear to the best of their abilities. Again, one such exciting upgrade in technology is the audio-sharing Bluetooth feature posing with better connectivity as well.

As hearing aids are fairly similar to personal hearing devices (such as earbuds) in terms of their use of streaming audio and size, upgrading hearing aid devices to have this new capability might be a little more of a sting in the users’ pocket than updating the earbuds.

Since Bluetooth technology is quite affordable, hearing device manufacturers will adopt this new LE Audio Bluetooth feature, so many users across the globe will slowly upgrade their units to enjoy its benefits. Hearing aid device wearers will no longer need to use different headphones whenever they wish to hear the same audio as others. They will simply connect their hearing aids to the audio source to listen.

Get the latest on hearing aid devices like this and more only at Hears, Hearing & Hearables keeps readers updated across the country with the newest and most exciting technology and features that will benefit the hearing wellness of its clients through its website.

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