Empowering Women Over 50: Business Coach Cheryl Phan Helps Midlife Women Turn Hobbies into Successful Online Businesses

March 13 09:18 2023
Cheryl Phan leverages her business expertise to help older women thrive and succeed beyond 50.

Cheryl Phan, a successful entrepreneur and seasoned coach, is breaking stereotypes about age and entrepreneurship by empowering women over 50 to leverage their skills and passion and turn them into thriving businesses. She provides invaluable guidance to aspiring businesswomen who may have never considered entrepreneurship a viable career option. Cheryl believes anyone can become a successful entrepreneur, regardless of age or background, with the right mindset, skills, and support system.

Many older women face challenges such as ageism, lack of support, and limited access to resources when starting a business. Some also struggle with their confidence, plagued with “what ifs” and worries that ultimately prevent them from taking the first step in their business journey.

As a businesswoman who went through the same struggles, Cheryl understands these worries.

She aims to address these challenges by providing a supportive environment where older women can gain the skills, technical know-how, and confidence necessary to launch and run a business. Cheryl’s approach is centered on helping older adults tap into their hobbies and unique strengths, inspiring them to overcome limiting beliefs so they can reinvent themselves and discover more of their hidden talents.

She offers a step-by-step guide and strategies that eliminate the overwhelm and worry of starting a business. By working with her, aspiring entrepreneurs can shorten the learning curve and start working on transforming their hobbies into profitable and personally fulfilling ventures.

Cheryl’s lessons are full of insights and practical advice. She focuses on educating her clients about social media and digital marketing, teaching them how to effectively utilize these tools to promote their businesses and reach a wider audience.

“I am bridging the tech and social media gap to help older women make money online,” says Cheryl.

Society’s rapid digitalization requires entrepreneurs to embrace technologies and continuously adapt to the latest digital tools and platforms. Cheryl’s program eases older entrepreneurs into using social media and technologies so they can thrive in the online world and navigate the challenges of running a business in today’s competitive landscape.

Besides these, the program covers various topics, such as developing a comprehensive business plan, finding the ideal customers, building customer relationships, and more.

Through her initiatives, Cheryl is encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs and proving there’s so much more beyond 50. Her dedication to empowering older adults has earned her recognition and praise from clients and colleagues, making her a beloved mentor to many.

Work with Cheryl Phan today: https://cherylphan.com/.

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