Australian psychic reveals the tricks of the trade

January 13 20:42 2023
Best selling award winning author Rosie Shalhoub exposes the dark side of the psychic and spiritual industry

Since Covid 19 the whole wellness, spiritual, new age, crystals, psychic and healing business has seen a massive boom. Rosie Shalhoub has worked with hundreds if not thousands of psychics throughout her 30 years in the industry in Australia and Internationally. She says, “sadly, many of them have been fake, narcissistic, and with egos the size of houses, all willing to put on a show of a lifetime in order for you to get hooked into their alluring charm.” With no rules or regulations, the industry is fraught with tax evasion, cash-in-hand payments, and people pretending to be something they are not.

Rosie Shalhoub, Author of ‘The Dark Side of the Light’, and owner of a crystal and spiritual shop Embrace in Sydney Australia, classifies herself as a natural born psychic, yet her book exposes the dark side of the psychic and spiritual industry. The Dark Side of the Light won Rosie an award in October 2022 and then became an Amazon best seller.

According to IbisWorld the psychic services industry is worth $22billion annually – though tens of thousands of people see psychics each year, things are not always what they seem in this so-called ‘spiritual’ business.

The book explores her first-hand experiences of the kind of people that come in for readings and the kind of people that are readers. With all her experience, Rosie feels she hasn’t had to sack quite a few “psychics” for nothing!

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