An exclusive interview with the top one fashion and lifestyle influencer Safaa Younis

January 13 13:02 2023
An exclusive interview with the top one fashion and lifestyle influencer Safaa Younis
An exclusive interview with the top one fashion and lifestyle influencer Safaa Younis
The evolution of style and fashion is ever-changing and adopting to our current world, but we’d be nowhere without the influential fashion and lifestyle influencers who have led the way with their legendary ensembles and fearless attitudes. Safaa Younis is one of the most influential fashion icons who are quite literally bursting at the seams with style.

1- Would you please introduce yourself to our readers? I am a Model, Blogger, and Influencer. I started my career a couple of years ago when I discovered my passion in modeling. Also, my long and fruitful experience with kids and my keen to help them stand infront of the camera led me to establish a talent agency for modeling. I am looking forward to reaching out to a large number of kids and helping them to be professional models.

2- Was being a fashion and lifestyle influencer a dream or a career you sought for? Indeed, I have always imagined life behind my camera lenses and all of this because of my love to beauty and creativity. I find my“self” within modeling, so I can’t say that modeling is as simple as a career for me. It’s much more than that, it is the main source where I get my confidence, persistence, and strength.

3- What have been your keys to success?

My key to success was persistence. I have put so much work and effort into this blog that I am thankful for sticking to it, even back in the day when I didn’t earn a penny from it. It’s really hard in the beginning since there are so many other bloggers who may look more professional than you are, so it can get you to think you’re not good enough, but that is just not true. Stick with who you are and stay your original true self.

4- Does the number of followers matter for you?

Actually, it’s not the number of followers that matters. What really matters about my Instagram account is the way my followers interact to my content. The way people are interested in my content stirs me to give more, work more, and aim for more.

5- Do you have any advice for those wanting to start their own blog?If you are starting your own blog, the best advice I can give is to just be yourself. Be the one who you are, do not try to copy others. Your people will find you and love you for that! Don’t try to be anything you are not, and always be proud of who you are!

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