How This Woman Went From Zero To $1M In Just 18 Months

January 11 23:12 2023

Jeanne Omlor is an inspiring example of how you can recession-proof your income and protect yourself from economic uncertainty. With her own success story, she has proven that it’s possible to start and grow a successful coaching business in even the most challenging of times. 

With global recession on everybody’s minds, Jeanne is not worried at all. The coaching industry is one that’s growing by leaps and bounds and is projected to reach $20 billion in revenue in 2022 with 6.7% annual growth year over year, making it the second fastest growing industry in the world. In the United States alone, approximately 1.8 million LinkedInTM users identify themselves as coaches – a testament to its rising popularity.

So what exactly does Jeanne do? She works with coaches and consultants who are aspiring to reach high six or seven figures in revenue with their businesses or services. At 54 years old, she was able to achieve this for herself too: from having no revenue at all to reaching $1 million in 18 months, then hitting $2 million within 3 years online.

Now she helps others using her laser-focused strategies for marketing, mindset and heart-based sales – strategies which have since been tested time and again, evidenced by great success stories of her own clients..

Jeanne has made a name for herself as “The Queen of Authentic Marketing” due to her commitment towards helping others create a standout personal brand and build a following through authentic means.

She also shares tips on how other aspiring coaches can start their own online coaching business by utilizing their existing skill sets – such as starting or growing businesses, solving relationship issues or manifesting dream lives!

In addition to this amazing career path that she has carved out for herself, Jeanne was also recognized for her achievements as a top Executive Recruiter on Wall Street and she received the National Association of Professional Women “VIP Woman of the Year” award.

To learn more about Jeanne and how to start your own coaching business, visit:

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