After Losing Everything, This Innovator Discovered a “Rags to Riches” Opportunity in the Most Unlikely Place

January 11 22:48 2023

After his devastating losses, Frank Civittolo was faced with two choices: quit, or learn from his mistakes and try again. He chose the latter. He began to research different strategies and processes that would allow him to consistently win and grow. He pored over statistical trends and data points, attempting to find a way of predicting the best moves and outcomes for himself.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, his efforts paid off. He began to see positive results from his strategies and he was able to grow his portfolio exponentially. His newfound confidence in himself and what he had learned motivated him to continue on the path to success.

Now, he is one of the most successful innovators around, and he is on a mission to help others find success – just like him. He believes his story is proof that, with hard work and drive, anything is possible.

After investing in extensive research, he developed a strategy that focused on trend analysis and data points. He implemented this plan – The Linkemaker Method, which included looking at historical trends, analyzing data, and other market information, as well as setting strict rules for entry and exit points.

This strategy allowed him to manage his risk more effectively and accurately predict the market movements. With his plan in place, Frank is excited to announce that he is now helping others chase their dreams through his innovative new method.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Frank Civittolo’s method can help you, discover our battle-tested Linemaker Method on

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