Hatem Alawad Is The Hottest Young Basketball Star Playing Overseas

January 11 22:43 2023

Hatem Alawad is a remarkable American basketball player who has made his way to West Africa and the Cabo Verde Basketball League (FIBA) in an impressive manner.

The 20-year-old Los Angeles native is currently playing for Sal Turtles of the league, having made a name for himself as one of the youngest American players on the team and ranking 25th in scoring throughout the entire league.

Prior to beginning his professional career with FIBA, Alawad had only played one year in college at Cal Miramar University. Despite not having much collegiate experience under his belt, he had already proven himself to be a talented individual who was more than ready to take the next big step in his basketball career. With this in mind, he decided to travel from Los Angeles all the way to Africa during 2022 in order to start playing professionally.

The move paid off for Alawad as he quickly established himself as an important member of Sal Turtles. His team was highly regarded throughout the entirety of the league and he provided them with some key offensive contributions that helped them continue their success.

In addition, being one of the youngest Americans competing against seasoned veterans seemed like a daunting task at first but Alawad proved that age does not necessarily determine one’s capabilities when it comes to basketball.

As if crossing oceans and settling into overseas living wasn’t enough for Alawad, he will soon be taking another huge leap by venturing across even more distance and heading over to The Philippines in March 2023.

This new journey is set to be yet another milestone on his journey as a professional player, no doubt providing him with opportunities and experiences which will further shape his skill set and help him gain even more recognition throughout FIBA and beyond.

Hatem Alawad’s story can serve as an incredible source of inspiration for those wanting to pursue careers within sports or any other field they are passionate about – regardless of how young or inexperienced they may feel at first. With enough determination, dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

You can visit his IG @guwophatem

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