ZHANG Yuren, “On My Way To Go Above and Beyond”

January 10 21:06 2023

“The findings have given us food for thought, and I’m sure we can tap deeper into the system for more of the statistics” said by Mr. ZHANG. “They can be fed into the coming post, providing new insights about the clinical research and pharmaceutical on COVID-19”. I barely read this hot-off-the-press post on the online medical platform built by AstraZeneca China when the dialogues went through my mind. It was when the last time I saw ZHANG, and he’s holding this meeting with his group engaging in projects on COVID-19. I also reflected back how he attached great importance to the demonstrations in the post, which was backed by a slew of data and evidence from the System. I was intrigued by it, wondering what sort of a powerful System it was.

“It’s called Integrated Management System V 1.0 for AZ Respiratory Medical Projects, and there’s a lot to be said for our work.” proudly introduced by Mr. ZHANG Yuren, Manager and Medical Advisor of AstraZeneca Investment (China) Co., Ltd.. Coming out in Jun. 2020, the program encompasses a wide span of attributes, with one of the main focuses being keeping track of clinical features of patients and their drug reactions, alongside the statistics and analysis. With its upgrade in database and function through this couple of years, it has blossomed into a robust innovative system allows project administrators to streamline workflow, and support advances to the benefit of patients.

Mr. ZHANG Yuren is also the inventor and owner of this software copyright. As a disciple of innovation of all time, he’s been on track in search of new opportunities and pursuing breakthroughs since the day I knew him. With the ability to think outside the box, he puts himself forward for bringing in creative solutions as well as ringing changes in different fields, including the subjects of clinical projects he’s in charge, channels of clinical investigation and commercialization, and also the methods easing his daily work, as this “Integrated Management System V 1.0 for AZ Respiratory Medical Projects” being a case in point. In its wake, some more software copyrights were introduced to me, such as “Clinical Expectorant Pharmacy Treatment Analysis System” and “Demo System (Based on Deep Learning) for the Therapies in Airways for Patients with Respiratory Tract Infections in Post-stroke” which are the two programs most frequently applied in getting things going in the respiratory projects within AstraZeneca. Both made their debut in July 2021 and have been gaining grounds. The former one enables project staff to learn the latest progress concerning patients’ reaction and feedback about taking the expectorant treatment. While keeping the staff in the loop, it also provides large efficiency in data analysis and information exchange. The program plied its trade in AstraZeneca China’s medical project ‘Chinese experts’ Consensus on Management of Aerosol expectoration of Respiratory Diseases’. The latter, employing a wide variety of records about the patients’ respiratory tract infections conditions in post-stroke, is committed to visually demonstrate the therapies in the airways of patients. It has also started the ball rolling in a deeper respiratory study and pharmaceutical investigation with new gateways, for AstraZeneca, clinical trials teams, and academics.

These software copyrights, mines of information in respiratory investigation, have won Mr. ZHANG spurs domestically and internationally. While serving in China, the programs are also adapted world-widely. In November 2021, during the medical exchange conference on COVID-19, which was held at the headquarter of AstraZeneca in London, the three programs got a flying start when they were taken on board to introduce the latest study achievements on COVID-19 and commercially support AstraZeneca’s respiratory medicine marketing. Since then, several medical events in Europe and U.S.A. have resigned to the programs while presenting their case study or showcasing the pharmaceutical. A good few of medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises in these countries have negotiated with Mr. ZHANG about the use of these programs, and ZHANG is delighted to give the go-ahead.

When talking about the plan down the line, ZHANG has got plenty in mind. In his share about the blueprint, I once again read his boundless ambition in innovation. First, he will have several of his programs serving more widely. Some organizations of medical industry in Japan and Australia have showed their interests in ZHANG’s software copyrights, and preliminary intentions have been reached between them. We will see the programs rolling up their sleeves in more areas in next to not time. Second, more of AstraZeneca’s medical projects are on the threshold of ZHANG’s new solutions, such as types of respiratory projects investigated from fresh perspectives and new methods, while ZHANG has got more new software copyrights waiting in the wings. When asked about the driven force keeping him moving forward, ZHANG said “I just have set my sight to go above and beyond.”

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