A happy and healthy life is within reach: Z Physique provides the ultimate roadmap to a healthy lifestyle.

December 05 15:00 2022
Evan Zingman, NSCA Certified personal trainer and founder of Z Physique, shares simple, actionable fitness and nutrition guides that prioritize facts over fads.

Staying healthy is extremely important, but most people go about it all wrong. The key to overall wellness is to take proactive steps that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Long-time personal trainer, health and wellness coach, and founder of Z Physique, Evan Zingman, shares comprehensive guides for people to stay healthy in every stage of their life.

According to Evan Zingman, there is an information overload on fitness and nutrition, but most of it is conflicting and confusing. Z Physique was established to help separate the facts from the fads, giving people a reliable source of fitness and nutrition information. In his guides, Zingman walks people through the benefits of embracing a healthy lifestyle, clears any confusion, and provides practical advice for incorporating these practices in daily life. Zingman believes that people need straightforward guides that help them make the best decisions for their health.

Z Physique’s roadmap to a healthy lifestyle is adaptable at home or on the go. By helping people set their health and wellness goals and then achieve them one by one, Z Physique takes people on a journey of self-discovery that leads to quality health. Z Physique has introduced simple 3-step health and lifestyle resources to help people get started. The program is for those ready to make healthy changes, increase energy levels, and manage and control their weight.

Step 1: Onboard 101

Zingman created this 12-module course to help people build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Every journey must start somewhere, and Onboard 101 helps create the right start to a journey of health and wellness. This program teaches people the best ways to lose fat efficiently, tone muscles, increase energy, and overcome stress. The program also focuses on helping people build and regain their confidence and self-esteem.

Step 2: Private Facebook Group

Journeys are easier and more enjoyable when there are people to share them with and encourage each other along the way. Social media has made the world one big community that is interconnected. Leveraging this connectivity, Zingman created a private Facebook Group that is accessible to people who want to take the fitness and nutrition journey together. The group features 21-day fitness challenges, wellness tips, weekly challenges, fitness, nutrition, and mindset tips and shares new recipes to help people in their weight loss journey. The group also helps motivate to keep people on track and holds them accountable.

Step 3: Welcome Kit

Z Physique is committed to simplifying the complexities of health and wellness to help people achieve their goals. The Z Physique welcome kit provides more than 110 healthy recipes ranging from smoothies, snacks, protein shakes, main dishes, and more to help with nutrition. The free welcome kit also provides premium content like the 5 EZ Resolutions, HIIT VS. Steady State Protocols, Weight Management Flow, and many others.

A happy and healthy life comes in the form of transforming everyday routines and creating effective self-care rituals. Z Physique invites people to explore the wealth of health and wellness resources provided by Zingman to start their journey to a healthy lifestyle right.

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