Tree Service Madera Helps Homeowner Save Money on An Emergency Tree Removal Procedure

July 05 19:54 2022

Madera, California – When a windstorm broke Terrence’s tree at 10 pm yesterday, the homeowner went online in search of a team that could help with emergency tree service. After about 10 minutes of searching online, he found Tree Service Madera which noted that it had an emergency tree removal team that operated on a 24/7 basis.

Calling the number on the Tree Service Madera website and receiving an answer immediately was quite comforting,” said Terrence. “The expectation was that the phone would ring and not get answered. The family knew that most companies are always closed at 10 pm. However, Tree Service Madera still had someone in the office waiting for calls from customers.”

The homeowner relaxed when the customer service agent on the other end of the line promised to send the emergency response team to his home. The team arrived just 30 minutes after the call.

The family was impressed with the company’s swift action,” said Terrence. “The damaged tree was leaning dangerously over a section of the house. Any delay could have given the tree enough time to break fully and land on the house. This would have resulted in damages worth thousands of dollars. The fact that the family did not have home insurance meant that repairs would need to be financed by money out of the family’s bank account. This is something the family did not want to do.”

The homeowner noted he thought the Tree Service Madera team would handle the emergency tree removal procedure in the middle of the night. However, he was surprised when the company went ahead and noted that tree removal would not be necessary.

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The family was worried that not carrying out the tree removal procedure immediately would result in damages,” said Terrence. “However, the company reported that its team would cable the tree to keep it upright through the night.”

The homeowner noted that the company explained the cabling would keep the tree upright through the night. According to the homeowner, the team also explained that handling the tree removal procedure the next day would help him save a lot of money.

The company’s chief of field operations noted that since the damaged tree was surrounded by a large number of big and strong trees,” said Terrence, “using ropes to attach the damaged tree to the strong healthy trees would keep it from falling. He added that removing the tree in the middle of the night would not be a good idea—he indicated that overnight removal would require the family to pay for inconveniences and also add extra money since the company would be removing a tree outside normal work hours.”

The homeowner reportedly allowed the team to cable the tree and come back the next day to handle the tree removal procedure.

In just under 30 minutes,” said Terrence, “the company had used cables to attach the broken tree to the neighboring healthy trees. After analyzing the tree and ensuring that it would remain upright through the night, the team left and promised to come back early the next morning. The team did not even carry its tree maintenance gear. They all got in one pickup truck and left.”

Tree Service Madera reportedly arrived on the landscape the next morning at 8 am. They conducted the emergency tree removal procedure and slowly brought down the tree without harming any of the neighboring utilities.

The cost of removing the tree at night would have been twice as expensive as removing it during the day,” said Terrence. “The family was extremely impressed with the efforts Tree Service Madera made to reduce the cost.”

Tree Service Madera offices are located at 14566 CA-41, Madera, CA 93636, United States. Homeowners can reach the company’s offices by dialing +1 559-234-3291 or sending an email to [email protected]

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