Sacramento Tree Professionals Removes an Invasive Tree to Prevent Further Property Damage

July 05 19:09 2022

Sacramento, California – When Yusuf bought his home in Sacramento, he did not like the fact that it did not have a tree in front of the house. His goal was to have a tree that he could sit under and watch the sun go down. When he chose the tree for his home, he did not know that what he had gotten would have to be brought down just 5 years down the line.

Today,” said Yusuf when explaining why he had to get rid of the tree, “the family had to get rid of a tree that had significant potential. The reason the family hired Sacramento Tree Professionals was that the tree was creating more losses than benefits.”

The homeowner noted that the biggest mistake he made when selecting the tree to use was that he did not consult an arborist. The homeowner reportedly ended up bringing home a semi-mature tree that would later become invasive and keep damaging his home.

The family purchased the tree when it was about 15 feet,” said Yusuf. “The goal behind this decision was to ensure the tree would become useful within the shortest time possible. The tree did grow quickly—in just 5 years—the tree had turned into a 30-foot monster. The reason the family chose to give the tree the name “monster” is that the roots were continually sneaking under the house’s concrete floor and causing never-ending cracks.”

In 2 years, Yusuf had reportedly spent more than $50,000 on floor repairs. The homeowner noted that in the beginning, he could not point at the reason his floors always had cracks.

It was not until the wife did more inspection and realized that the tree was the culprit,” said Yusuf. “While cleaning the house in a recently cracked position, she noticed the roots. When the family called an arborist, he confirmed that those roots were from the tree the family had in front of the house. The family immediately decided to get rid of the tree.”

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The homeowner told reporters that the arborist he had asked to check the cause of damage had come from Sacramento Tree Professionals. According to Yusuf, his family had used the services offered by Sacramento Tree Professionals for more than 10 years. For this reason, he had maximum trust in the company.

When the arborist confirmed that the tree was forcing the family to spend huge sums on repairs,” said Yusuf, “the family immediately asked the arborist to call the office and request an immediate tree removal procedure for the family. The goal was to get the tree removed on the same day. However, since it was already late, the family agreed to wait until the next day.”

Sacramento Tree Professionals was on Yusuf’s landscape earlier today. The company reportedly leveraged its years of experience and modern tree maintenance tools to remove the damaged tree without causing damage to the neighboring utilities.

The company trimmed the tree and then cut it down foot by foot from the tree crown,” said Yusuf. “Each piece was slowly brought down by a crane. The company later went to work to remove the tree stump together with the roots. The roots that couldn’t be removed fully were killed using a special chemical. Before leaving, the company ensured the family wouldn’t have to worry about floor damages.”

Sacramento Tree Professionals has its base of operation at 5815 Muldrow Rd Sacramento, CA, 90023. The company can be contacted at 916-713-3925 and [email protected]

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