BULLBAT World Environment Day Sale: Don’t Miss the Variety of Power Stations

June 02 17:09 2022

02 JUN, 2022 – BULLBAT generators use safe, smart photovoltaic panels, 0 fuel, 0 harmful gases. On World Environment Day 2022, to practice a greener, greener, and more sustainable lifestyle, Bullbat has launched a variety of power station make a discount of 20%, and dedicated ourselves on World Environment Day, with a variety of products Offer genuine preferential prices.


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The must-buy BULLBAT Adventurer 1500W portable power station comes with a handy handle and high-quality aluminum alloy case, with 1500W of pure sine wave continuous power, a capacity of 1226.4Wh, And make a discount of 25% for a limited time. 

There are four major buying points that cannot be ignored: 

1: Large capacity. 

2: Multiple charging outputs, 

3: Dual charging ports. 

4: Aluminum alloy shell is more durable than ABS and dissipates heat faster. 

The BULLBAT Adventurer 1500 is also the perfect home emergency backup power system. Plus, reliable photovoltaic panels to support you during emergencies or extended power outages. Powerful, yet small enough to meet all kinds of power needs in the back seat of home, travel, camping, long-distance travel, and power your life anytime, anywhere. 

Followed by the BULLBAT 298Wh/500W portable power station, this portable power station weighs only 7 lbs/4.5 kg, it is very suitable for outdoor camping hunting as a backup battery power source, easy to carry, supports fast charging, maximum input power 200W, will be used during power outages It is used as an indoor emergency power station to supply power to various electronic devices and small appliances, and is safe to use because it does not use fuel and produces harmful gas carbon monoxide. Features MPPT function for faster solar charging performance. This product make a discount of 30% for a limited time. It is really a discount not to be missed when passing by.

And BULLBAT classic style is your best choice, BULLBAT Pioneer series portable power station 808Wh/800W. The portable high-capacity power station features fast charging, can power 8 devices at the same time, and weighs only 17 pounds. Capable of powering a variety of electronic devices and small appliances, it’s perfect for long trips or the next sudden power outage! The battery composition of the Bullbat Pioneer 800 is a lithium-ion battery. And the battery life can last more than 500 cycles (80%), which means it can keep more than 80% of the battery capacity after 500 cycles, you can keep using it even more than 2000 times. Large-capacity and lightweight power station, cheaper during the promotion period, The product make a discount of 20%, and the benefit price is not to be missed.

“Support our power generation products for World Environment Day and make progress worldwide”.

BULLBAT has listed a variety of green energy power supply products. Excellent products and beautiful prices, this event will be discounted from 6.3-6.5 for a limited time, allowing you to enjoy the most affordable shopping at the lowest price possible. This is a precious opportunity, and we will never get such a cheap price again. Be sure to grab it!

We hope Bullbat will bring more convenience to your life.

We wish you a happy life!


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