Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical International Health Platform Has Launched

June 02 17:51 2022

Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical has just launched Handian Pharmaceutical International Health Platform this month, in order to further facilitate its communication with international patients.

Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical is a national high-tech enterprise integrating production, education and research. While adhering to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and inheriting classics of traditional Chinese medicine, it exerts its scientific research strength and combines modern science and technology to develop a variety of classic Chinese patent medicines. As the global pandemic outbroke in 2020, the company keeps developing and researching related drugs to deal with the global epidemic. After two years of handwork, the company is ready to share and discuss its research result through its platform with the world.

The platform consists of three parts. The first part is a brief introduction of Handian Health group, which includes Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Wuyishan Fenghuang Tea Co., Ltd. and Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

The second part includes all the information about the anti-plague product series, Handian HD series. Through these pages, patients and researchers around the world can better understand the contribution of the company’s products in response to the epidemic. The clinical database is also available for the researchers after filling a quick online application. What’s more, the representative medicine, Handian Taiyang Shenshu Granules (Handian HD1), which has been approved by the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration as an in-hospital preparation, can be purchased through the online platform, and doctors from Handian Medical Center is also available online for remote guidance.

The last part is about the recent news of the company, including the feature stories about the drug research, the experts seminars held by Handian Pharmaceutical and the contrubtion Handian Pharmaceutical has made to help local people overcome the epidemic.

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