BK CIANDRE Introduces a Top Standard Series of Frameless Door Series

June 02 16:49 2022
BK CIANDRE Introduces a Top Standard Series of Frameless Door Series

BK CIANDRE is a leading minimalist furniture brand in china. It has achieved a global reputation as one of the world’s largest and most respected furniture manufacturers. They have a full range of collections of ceramic tables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen panels, walk-in closets, doors, and modular TV wall cabinets. BK CIANDRE considers technology and machines to be essential, and they use them throughout their organization, from the product, where they are required to achieve the highest level of quality and perfection, to the production systems, which are distinguished by the use of glass and aluminum, a sign of maximum production flexibility.

Recently they have manufactured and introduced a series of frameless door systems. BK CIANDRE will present the New series of frameless door systems with a video and article about how to express the minimalist door, and the best way should be to hide the door- invisible. So, BK CIANDRE’s frameless door is born. here reinterpreted in a contemporary style both in its expressive language, which becomes incredibly light and in tune with the entirety of the interiors, and design. The frame and walls are perfectly flush. The 3mm door gap is required on the outside, the wall is integrated with the door, with the same material and characteristics, and the door is re-integrated with the wall, hidden in the invisible environment. They blend seamlessly with the surfaces. Moreover, thanks to its reversed edge and opening to the interior, it creates an effect of stylish continuity with the sides of the corridor. minimalist doors can be used with retaining walls, wall art painting can shrink, and a variety of special finishing materials are also available.

The BK CIANDRE Minimalist frameless door could use on different occasions to meet different client needs.

The BK moon series internal door is contemporary-looking design work that integrates perfectly with the wall and surrounding architecture. It is a flush-to-the-wall swing door with a honeycombed panel and an aluminum frame. It is very light but could bear more than 500kgs, anti-collision, anti-humidity, weather, and UV resistant even if someone uses it outdoor or nearby the sea humidity and windy are totally fine. It marks the transition from one space to another by wearing different finishes on the surface of its two sides, which interact with the surrounding spaces, elegantly complementing their characteristics. An elemental metal edging available in different finishes contains them, showing both a structural and decorative function. Customers can request special finishes for total customization for the surfaces of the two sides, which translates into product flexibility and versatility. It is a 55m thick wooden door with a honeycombed structure and an aluminum frame. The lockset is completed by a magnetic lock, a concealed hinge adjustable on three axes, and an anti-noise gasket. Pre-assembled anodized aluminum frame to be walled in without a subframe. Different versions are available: passage only, handle and key, handle and privacy, handle and security cylinder.

Their manufacturing factory and the showroom are around 25000 square meters in size. In the aluminum, glass, and ceramic furniture industry, we have over 15 years of experience. They have worked in the aluminum, glass, and ceramic furniture industries for over 15 years. Their production line is built on the quality standards of ITALY’s top furniture manufacturers, and they imported an ITALY-BOTTERO machine and a 5-axis aluminum processing machine from Germany’s SIEMENS which can improve the finishing status of their products.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZmDMet02Qnk

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