Multiple Business Divisions; New Partnership with Green Energy Technology: Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (OTC: GTVH)

June 02 16:45 2022
Multiple Business Divisions; New Partnership with Green Energy Technology: Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (OTC: GTVH)
3 Initial Contracts Executed to Deliver over $600,000; LOI to Acquire Le Pragma CBD Wellness Product Lines
  • Multiple Subsidiary Divisions in Diversified Business Sectors.  

  • Authorized Distributor of Electryone Advisors, Inc. for Green Energy Microgrid Technology, a Superior Alternative Energy Solution. 

  • Three Initial Executed Contracts for Deployment of Electryone Drive Green Energy Technology Valued at Over $616,000. 

  • Binding LOI to Acquire Assets & Intellectual Property from Le Pragma, LLC for All-Natural Health, Wellness & Beauty CBD Products.

  • Entertainment Division Organizes Exciting Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Concerts & Festivals.  

  • Fulfillment Division Setting up New Marketing Growth Opportunities.  

  • Napa Wines Division Marketing Multiple New Brands & Products.   

Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (OTC: GTVH) is a multifaceted company pursuing ventures in the Health, Entertainment and Technology sectors. In addition, GTVH provides a professional corporate representation service in these sectors while consulting on a variety of different business development objectives. 

  • Health Division Focused on CBD and PPE Markets 

GTVH owns Global Health Services ( which operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary under its health division. Global Health Services, LLC has a mission to provide solutions to different businesses in the health sector while maintaining the highest professional standards available. This GTVH division is currently doing business in the CBD space and in the Medical PPE space, which provides an array of products and services for individuals and businesses. GTVH offers an online portal which will position a multitude of verticals on a single platform for each market. The vision is to become a “one-stop-shop” for the best products and services available in the space. 

  • Initial Executed Contracts for Deployment of Electryone Drive Green Energy Technology

On May 31st GTVH announced preliminary details of the first three contracts it has executed for installment of the Electryone Drive green energy technology. Over the past several months, GTVH has been working diligently to acquire new clients to deploy the Electryone Drive. GTVH reports initial executed contracts in three separate locations in the state of California, will generate a total of 14.7 megawatts of green energy.

These three new GTVH customers include businesses consisting of a vertically integrated agriculture company, a large-scale business park and an organization for research and development. The direct effect of the onsite microgrid will impact the economic outlook for these businesses by significantly decreasing their monthly electric bills and reducing their carbon footprints, as well as providing them with a more stable and reliable power source that is sustainable for the environment. These superior, long-term benefits will allow GTVH and Electryone to become the client’s power management company of the future. 

These first three executed contracts will provide GTVH with a strong capital injection, including an install bonus of $413,437.50 as well as a residual monthly commission of $8,452.50 for 24 consecutive months, equaling $202,860. In total, compensation for GTVH will equate to $616,297.50. GTVH is working with Electryone to grow a strong portfolio of contracts that will deliver substantial install bonuses and long-term monthly residual income that compounds on each additional client engaged. 

Electryone Advisors is currently in final negotiations with multiple lending partners to secure funding for its growing portfolio of projects and is working directly with GTVH to find additional institutional resources to bolster the many significant projects that have recently gained traction.

GTVH has a partnership with Electryone Advisors authorizing GTVH as a distributor of its green microgrid technology which provides a superior alternative energy solution to on-grid and off-grid locations.

Electryone Advisors is comprised of a team of highly qualified leaders and experts in the renewable energy sector. The company’s microgrid technology was developed by NASA scientists, seasoned electrical engineers, and pioneers of several advanced technologies who have a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. With 50-plus patents, as well as several revolutionary software and firmware applications, Electryone Advisors brings a first in its class, green energy technology to the marketplace.  For more information visit:

  • Binding LOI to Acquire Assets & Intellectual Property from Le Pragma, LLC 

On May 18th GTVH announced that after nearly 10 months of work it has executed a Binding Letter of Intent and has formalized the complete terms to acquire all assets and intellectual property of Le Pragma, LLC, a full retail line of high-end, all-natural, health, wellness and beauty products.

Created by the founders of the GTVH division Sonder Fulfillment, Le Pragma was designed from conception to have a universal appeal as a luxurious cannabinoid brand distributed throughout the world. With a strategic vision of going beyond products and introducing an everyday use regimen that compliments an active lifestyle, Le Pragma seeks to become the “CBD line of the future.” Additionally, Le Pragma’s cutting-edge formulations and dedication to a precise science sets Le Pragma products apart from other companies, delivering optimal wellness throughout its entire retail line. Furthermore, as an educational leader in the industry, Le Pragma has a mission of providing explicit, evidence-based knowledge of the lifestyle benefits of CBD. This includes clinical trials, proper usage recommendations, and scientific background on the products being released. Supporting the company’s past research in place, initial plans have been set to provide a strong expansion of this product line into the nootropics industry while also developing an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient line of CBD products that will focus on providing targeted benefits to specific medical issues. 

Product inventory includes CBD Tinctures, CBD Wellness Pills, CBD Pain Cream, Lip Balm, and a 5-step CBD skincare system comprised of a CBD Face Cleanser, CBD Exfoliant, CBD Serum, CBD Face Oil, and CBD Face Cream. The valuation of the inventory acquired could generate more than $5 million in retail sales through established distribution channels. 

For more information on Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. (GTVH) visit:

DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned are THC-free and/or compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

This article is purely for informational purposes and is not a recommendation in any way for buying or selling stocks.

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