Skipquest Created A Replacement For The Ubiquitous Skip Button That’s All Over the Internet

June 02 16:21 2022
Skipquest Created A Replacement For The Ubiquitous Skip Button That’s All Over the Internet
Skipquest’s patent-pending skip solution solves longstanding problems for advertisers and websites, and easily unlocks data.

Los Angeles, California – June 2, 2022 – In the world of video advertising, it is no secret that when the ad starts, viewers space out. People just don’t like to sit through ads. This made the introduction of the skip button necessary, giving people a quick way out of video ads. The skip button works well. Too well. The vast majority of people choose to skip an ad as soon as they are able, and because people became accustomed to being able to skip, they resent being stuck in an ad that does not allow the skip option. 

For advertisers, this is a lose-lose. Either buy skippable ads and have virtually everyone skip the ad you spent a boatload of money making and buying media for, or buy non-skippable, and annoy finnicky viewers. 

Skipquest has upended expectations throughout the video advertising industry with their patent-pending solution that is turning the skip into a win-win, disrupting the old-fashioned methodology of video advertising. 

Developed by a team of adtech experts, Skipquest’s simple, patent pending solution flips video advertising on its head, solves fundamental problems, and challenges the status quo of video advertising. 

The format is elegantly simple – trade attention for time. Viewers need to pay attention to the ad for few seconds, and answer a custom, multiple choice question about the ad or advertiser. Selecting the correct answer triggers the skip. Advertisers know a message was delivered, and the viewer get faster access to their content. 

Skipquest’s unique format allows advertisers to spoon-feed their message and deliver it every time. 

There are a few major flaws in regular skippable ads: 

  • Video Ads have Massive Skip Rates: Viewers tend to skip 60% to 90% of skippable online video ads. Skipped ads = low recall or no recall of the brand or messaging. 
  • Zero Interaction: Even when viewers cannot skip, and are forced to complete ads, viewing is often at best passive and disengaged. Low Recall: Recall for skipped or non-skipped video ads is incredibly low. People do not remember most ad messages. Who was that advertiser? How much did it cost? What exactly were they offering? 

The Skipquest advantage: 

  • Changes Ad Watching from Passive to Active: Viewers usually just wait for ads to end or skip as quickly as possible. Skipquest viewers pay attention to the ad and messaging, with provable engagement. 
  • Spoon-Fed Custom Ad Messaging: Every advertiser has some messaging they want viewers to come away with. Skipquest gets that message across. 

Skipquest is designed to fit in seamlessly with existing media buys. A simple API integration is designed to extract untapped value across the existing video ad campaigns, using virtually any pre-roll video medium. Advertisers are now able to unlock incredible, detailed data as to the success of their existing ad campaigns, instantly. Skipquest finally changes ad viewing from disconnected to actually focused, so viewers come away with message recall that is off the charts. 

During a recent interview, CEO Alan Hirsch made these comments, “It is not overstated to say that viewers watch ads reluctantly. Ads are an intrusion. Most of the time, consumers cannot wait to get past them or are certainly not focused on them. Skipquest leverages the common skip button that usually requires only a “mindless” click of the skip button. Instead of users being focused on the ads, users are focused on the skip button, which is a major challenge for advertisers. We know that viewers will gladly trade their attention for time. Our advertisers can spoon-feed their messaging through their custom question(s) and come away with valuable data.” 

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