Announcing The Launching of The UK’s Safest Smart Card Creating the first-ever double-sided proof of age, identity, and contactless prepaid card

June 02 14:12 2022

Today, IDGO, is announcing the launch of their company. The company, IDGO — pronounced I’d go — has created the UK’s first-ever double-sided proof of age, identity, and contactless prepaid card, a card that is available for all members of the public from ages 18 and above. The card offers a safer alternative to carrying passports and driving licences, as well as proving age and identity for every day, night, and age-restricted purposes. It also offers a safer alternative for contactless payments, while at the same time offering protection against fraud.

Each year, thousands of passports are reported lost or stolen, driving licences are duplicated as a replacement still leaving them open to identity theft and fraudulent activities are conducted due to a lack of secure payment systems. Members of the UK have no safe alternative for proof of age and identity and bank cards displaying cardholder’s honorifics are also used to commit fraudulent acts. The IDGO card aims to improve not just the identification system in the UK, but also the payment system as well.

IDGO looks to reduce the problems that the public faces when it comes to identification and card fraud. The CEO, Dannii Joyette-Hadaway produced the idea while working in the events industry and noticed many people were bringing their passports along as proof of ID. She said, “during five years working in the events industry I realised a large majority of the public brought their passports and licences along to prove their age and identity. I’d create event flyers and see many other event managers too reminding people to bring proof of ID or they were not getting into the venue.

It was after I lost my provisional licence at a nightclub and a friend of mine later lost her passport at a festival, I recognised how huge an issue this was for everyone and had an idea to combat it.” She added, “This has been a problem for decades and IDGO is the solution. As a woman and a mother of two it has been a rollercoaster of a ride to launch the IDGO Card, but I persevere because I know the UK needs it”. Dannii and the IDGO Team are now preparing for the campaign to fundraise £300,000 and launch the IDGO Card throughout the UK.

True to their word, the IDGO card is accredited and licenced with the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) endorsed by the Home Office, the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and the Security Industry Authority (S.I.A).

The IDGO card has minimal personal details presented, has extra card clone security and offers a free IDGO mobile app personal account and wallet. The PASS accreditation makes the IDGO Card identifiable, acceptable, and trustworthy. Their goal is to create a safe way for people in the UK to prove their age and identity for everyday purposes and age-restricted purchases.

So, visit the official website today, join the IDGO Beta Waitlist and be one of the first to get your double-sided proof of age, identity, and contactless prepaid smartcard.

About IDGO

IDGO was founded by Dannii Joyette-Hadaway (CEO & Founder of IDGO) in 2016, while she worked in the event industry. IDGO is the 1st double-sided proof of age, identity, and contactless prepaid card, available for all members of the public aged 18 and above in the UK The card is a secure alternative to carrying a Passport or Driving Licence for everyday proof of identity purposes, age-restricted purchases and offers extra security to combat contactless card fraud.

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