Walker Capital Helps Federal Employees With Tax Planning

June 02 08:16 2022
Walker Capital Helps Federal Employees With Tax Planning

When it comes to tax planning for federal employees, the team at Walker Capital can help you attain your financial goals by understanding the taxation of your retirement incomes and assets. With quality service and tax planning know-how, the team at Walker Capital has helped countless federal employees find financial success by designing a detailed, personalized retirement plan custom tailored to achieving their tax goals.

Tax planning for federal employees requires detailed knowledge of what benefits, credits, deductions, and contributions they are eligible to receive or make. Having a trusted team of federal benefits and tax experts can help federal employees get the most out of their taxes with a plan that is right for them.

For federal employees looking for guidance when it comes to their taxes and retirement, they can talk with an expert at Walker Capital today. Contact them to see how you can leverage the current “sale” on tax rates today to protect your retirement from potentially higher future tax rates tomorrow.

Tax Planning Designed For Federal Employees

Since federal employees have unique benefits tied to their jobs, their taxes in retirement can look a little different than many of their private sector peers. For many in the private sector, there is no pension to provide a steady baseline income to supplement social security and their assets.  For federal retirees, the 3-Legged FERS Retirement Stool commonly replaces 80% or more of the Fed’s working salary.  This robust retirement income is, unfortunately, robustly taxable as well with a pension commonly being ~99% taxable as income, Traditional TSP is 100% taxable, and the level of provisional income then often makes Social Security benefits 85% taxable.  This combination then creates a tax concern when considering our nation’s national debt and future spending obligations.

Tax planning can oftentimes feel overwhelming and exhausting. But with a solid tax plan in place, federal employees can enjoy the benefits that a personalized tax plan can provide.  Many federal employees in Charlotte, North Carolina, and around the nation have trusted Walker Capital with all of their tax planning needs so that they can get a customized plan that works for them and their goals.

Getting Them The Most Out of Their Taxes

No matter what their financial situation or goals are, federal employees can get customized plans that work for them. Every federal employee has different financial goals, and a customized tax plan with the help from the team at Walker Capital can make it easier for them to find financial stability, and success both now and in the future.

Walker Capital is known for their work defusing the tax-deferred time bomb of Traditional TSPs and IRAs to provide our clients with a tax plan that can put them on track to financial success and get the most out of their retirement assets.

Walker Capital Has The Right Team With The Right Tools

When it comes to tax planning, insurance planning, benefits, or retirement, Walker Capital has the right team with the right tools to meet their client’s needs. Nationally recognized for their work with federal employees, they have the experience that federal retirees and their families need to achieve their financial goals now, and in the future.

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