Quadrillion Tech Solutions LLC Launches Reasonable Accommodation Tracking Platform.

June 01 18:19 2022

USA – 01 Jun, 2022 – Quadrillion Tech Solutions, a leading information technology company, has announced the launch of its Reasonable Accommodation Tracking Platform (SaaS application). This platform will serve as a central hub for monitoring the Reasonable Accommodation process.

The Reasonable Accommodation Tracking Platform (RA Tracking) simplifies the process of applying for and managing reasonable accommodation. The platform covers both Reasonable Accommodation (RA) and Appeal requests, helping users go through the ADA process step-by-step.

One stop solution to solve your ADA workflow problems. After signing up with RA Tracking, all you need to do is upload your job description, let the system work its magic, and voila!

You will have a list of documents that are essential for each step of the process. Moreover, this will help identify work modifications and outline accommodation decisions.

Once your documents are uploaded, they will be automatically scanned and analyzed by their intelligent system. They guarantee accuracy in the information that is being fed back to you.

The RA Tracking System has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible for all different types of employees – from techies to creatives. This means that you get a tailor-made solution that caters to your needs and simplifies your workflow.

Users of this platform will have instant access to vital information on how to comply with ADA requirements and best practices.

The platform does all the work for you. It tracks your requests, documents your decisions, and monitors related deadlines.

Now you can stay on top of ADA compliance without having to worry about the details!

No more worrying about managing multiple accounts or employees in different locations. With RA Tracking, everything is just a few clicks away!

Quadrillion Tech Solution is here to help you better manage your employee accommodation requests. From the moment a request is submitted to their company’s HR department, they can track their request’s progress and stay up-to-date on any other administrative tasks they are assigned.

Maintain an organized process from start to finish by creating reminders for follow up and setting notifications for deadlines with employee’s accommodation requests. QTS will automatically send reminders for follow up as soon as an accommodation request is submitted!

This platform is designed for any organization and will work equally well for a Fortune 500 corporation as it does for a small business.The platform allows you to comply with all EEOC regulations. With this easy-to-use SaaS application, you don’t need any technical know-how or a huge budget to launch the right program.

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