Otter PR Innervates in the Public Relations Space with its “OTR™” Process

June 01 18:15 2022
Web3-native public relations firm Otter PR empowers its clients with a proprietary strategy that leverages outreach, trends, and relationships.

Otter PR did not climb from an innovative startup to a top US PR firm in only two short years by copying the played-out patterns of legacy PR firms. Rather, it achieved success by serving its clients with a groundbreaking public relations strategy that reveals a deep understanding of modern media practices. The proprietary strategy, which Otter calls the OTR™ Process, leverages outreach, trends, and relationships to secure media success for Otter’s clients.

“We understand that our role is not only to innovate, but to innervate — to give our clients the nerves and the confidence to embrace new media and new ideas,” explains Scott Bartnick, co-founder and CEO of Otter PR. “Why do we do this? Because the rewards will be enormous. How do we do it? A proprietary strategy that we call OTR™: Outreach, Trends, and Relationships.”

Bartnick and his co-founder, Dr. Jay Feldman, saw the earth shifting under Madison Avenue and opportunities blowing up online thanks to the evolution of social media and Web3. Because their background was not in PR, they were able to launch a firm that was not limited by traditional methodologies or mindsets. Instead, they brought a long-overdue fresh perspective to PR.

“At Otter, we know how modern media works,” says Jay. “We have built a public relations process that relies on communication and storytelling. Our PR process is curated to ensure that our clients’ stories are seen.”

Otter’s OTR™ Process reinvents PR pitching by developing a system that builds rapport with key journalists through targeted and strategic outreach. Pitches are fine-tuned daily based on media trends, which are monitored by Otter’s staff through the use of a proprietary alert method driven by Google Trends. When the pitches are sent out, they are welcomed by an ever-growing private network of reporters with whom Otter has cultivated strong relationships.

“We’ve eliminated the six-month timeframe traditionally used to develop a strategy that relies on stagnant news cycles,” Scott explains. “By tracking emerging media trends, we can deliver to our clients a strategy in three days that targets relevant topics and capitalizes on their expertise. We know exactly what to pitch, which allows us to consistently land organic successes in top mainstream media outlets.”

Otter’s pioneering OTR™ Process positions the company to continue performing as one of the top PR firms in the nation, regardless of how media trends develop. Its expert process for outreach and unrivaled network of media relationships allows it to deliver results to anyone with a story to tell, brand to build, or wealth of experience to share.

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