What’s the Difference between Poly Satin and Silk Mulberry Pillowcase

June 01 13:14 2022

Pillowcases are an essential part of people’s sleep experience and health, but how much do they know about what makes one better than the other?

Pillowcases are made with different types of materials. Some of these materials include satin and silk. This article looks at the significant differences between satin and silk pillowcases.

Read on to find out more and make an informed decision before buying silk or satin pillowcase.

What is a silk pillowcase?

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Real silk, a popular luxury fabric, is a natural fiber produced by moths and silkworms. The sticky liquid is excreted by the silkworm and pushed out through its mouth, and the worm performs the figure 8 roughly 300,000 times to make its cocoon.

If allowed to hatch, the thread will be destroyed. The thread has to be unwounded before the caterpillar hatches to a moth.

To ease the bonding agent and unwind the thread in the cocoon, heat is applied with either steam, boiling water, or hot air. This process, though, leads to the death of the caterpillar.

Pillowcases made from pure silk fibers are called silk bedding, and it gives the pillowcase a classy feel making them one of the most sorted silk bedding on the market.


Genuine silk is the byproduct of insects and does not include any synthetic material. It is the best choice when looking to get a natural product.

Silk breathes and helps to regulate the temperature of the body. It naturally helps to keep warm during the winter and cools the body temperature in the summer. This helps to reduce the level of discomfort while sleeping.

Silk is tightly woven, and as a result, allergens and dust mites cannot easily get through the weave. This makes the irritation caused by silk pillowcases to users overtime, a lot less.

Silk is good for the hair and skin. The weave of the silk pillowcase helps to keep the hair full of moisture and naturally soft by reducing the frizz during the night. It is need a luxury product

The silk pillowcase, as already stated, has a luxurious feel. For this reason, it is used by hotels and other large brands in the world and is also preferred in homes.


Silk is more expensive compared to satin because it takes a lot of silkworms to produce it.

Silk’s maintenance is high. It cannot be washed in a washing machine. Silk requires hand washing, or the setting of the washer used to be delicate.

What is a poly satin pillowcase?

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A poly satin pillowcase is made out of 100% polyester satin weave. It is soft, smooth, and wrinkle-free, making it perfect for those who love sleeping on luxurious fabrics.

Because of its texture, poly satin feels similar to silk while still being extremely affordable. Unlike silk pillowcases which are more delicate to care for, a poly satin pillowcase can be thrown in their washing machine with other laundry items.


Poly satin pillowcaseis a manmade fabric and the amount of labor required to make it is lesser than that of silk. This makes it considerably cheaper than silk in production.

It can easily be found in stores since its production is quicker and cheaper.

Unlike silk pillowcases, where most of them have to be hand-washed, synthetic satin pillowcases can be washed with a machine using any setting.

Although not as endowed as silk, synthetic fabrics like poly satin does possess some moisture-providing abilities and helps make the skin look younger.


Although the closest alternative to real silk, poly satin products are not as smooth as silk when felt.

Poly satin is not as tightly woven as genuine silk. Therefore, it is not as protective against allergens and dust mites as silk.

Although better than the other fabrics, poly satin is not as adaptive to temperature as silk.

6 Differences Between Silk fabric and Satin Pillowcases

Wrinkle Prevention

When looking at silk and satin pillowcases, it is vital to consider wrinkle prevention. Although natural silk may seem delicate, it is actually one of nature’s toughest fabrics.

While most satin pillowcases are made from polyester, silk is a natural fabric made from protein fibers found in silkworm cocoons.

It requires less ironing than cotton, holds its shape better and is more resistant to stains (think wine or makeup). And because satin is dyed after being woven instead of before, it shows less wear over time.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll have to replace their pillowcase as often as them would if theywere using a standard satin one. In fact, while satins need replacement every six months to a year, mulberry silk stays looking good for up to three years!

Moisture Absorption & Odor Control

Another difference between silk and synthetic fiber like poly satin is in moisture and odor control.

Because mulberry silk is extremely absorbent, it is perfect for night time use. When people head touches a traditional pillowcase during sleep, oils from their hair and skin are transferred to that fabric.

Over time, these oily stains will become more difficult to remove and can actually leave an odor on their pillow case or even on their hair. With mulberry silk’s ability to absorb moisture, all those oils stay in place so they won’t transfer to other fabrics.

In addition, mulberry silk has natural antibacterial properties that allow it to fight odor-causing bacteria that can cause body odors as well as discoloration in fabric! Over time, untreated satin/polyester can yellow/discolor as a result of these bacterial issues… but not mulberry silk!


Pink color luxury top quality silk pillowcase bulk

Both silk mulberry and poly satin pillowcases are both really soft on their skin. However, while silk mulberry is a natural fiber, poly satin is man-made. This means that silk mulberry will always be softer than poly satin.

It has to do with how each material is made: natural fibers are created by spinning strands of plant materials together, whereas synthetic fibers have to undergo chemical treatments to produce their softness.

That’s why 100% organic silk feels so much softer than linen or cotton, which don’t undergo any special treatment in order to achieve their softness levels. People can buy this soft silk pillowcase at Cnwonderfultextile.com website.


The first thing to note when comparing satin vs silk pillowcases is durability. A poly satin pillowcase will last longer than a silk one. It is not recommended that they wash silk, but if they do choose to do so, it could cause damage to their silk pillowcase.

However, a poly satin pillowcase can be machine washed on high heat with bleach in order to prevent any buildup of bacteria or dirt. The heat will kill any germs hiding in their linens and make them smell fresh again

In addition, because poly satin pillowcases are synthetic, they are not as susceptible to damage as silk mulberry. They will keep their shape better over time, allowing they to use them longer without having to buy a new set.


Both poly satin and silk mulberry are fairly breathable fabrics; however, it’s important to remember that they both breathe differently.

Both fabrics help promote airflow around theirhead while they sleep, which helps avoid any excessive moisture buildup. However, mulberry silk is more breathable than poly satin due to its low level of friction.

Anti-bacterial & Allergy Prevention


If like most people, their pillow cases probably gets more attention than anything else in their room. Make sure it’s worthy of all that attention by choosing a case made from 100% natural silk.

Not only will it help keep dust at bay (leaving with a fresh, clean smell), but it is also anti-bacterial, which means fewer blemishes and breakouts to worry about.


The silk fabric pillowcase can be amazing for hair, skin, nails, eyesight, mental health and sleep-related issues.

The polyester satin fabric is very affordable – particularly compared to other pillowcase options. They are lightweight (ideal for summer), durable/lasts long even with frequent washing and is hypoallergenic.

In summary: if people suffer from hair or skin conditions; have an eye condition such as macular degeneration; feel anxious when they sleep or experience insomnia often; would like to get more out of their beauty routine or are concerned about environmental impact, then silk pillowcase will be best suited to them.

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