Starts360 Expands Its 3D Virtual Tour Services to Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore

June 01 00:04 2022
Starts360 Expands Its 3D Virtual Tour Services to Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore
Immersive Matterport Virtual Reality Experience
The Starts360’s Matterport 3D Virtual Tour service is available in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. It gives more options for clients who live in those areas to order and use the service for business.

Due to the high demand for online interactive media for business marketing, Starts360, the 3D virtual tour service provider, is expanding its business to more cities in India. Previously, this company’s main operation area was in Delhi. Now, it has more branches outside Delhi, where the latest ones are Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. The service is similar to what it offered before, which is the virtual tour using Matterport camera and technology. Because of its high performance, this company won’t take too long to be the reliable provider of matterport In Mumbai and other areas where the new branch is located.

Starts360 is one of the unique technology and design companies that came up with the solution for the modern business environment. The improvement of internet connection in India allows it to provide one of the innovative business marketing tools, which is a 3D virtual tour. Moreover, this company also uses Matterport technology, which can be considered the best technology in today’s market. The variety of the service based on this technology is many, from showrooms, and virtual tours, to photography and schematic plan creation. Thus, the service for matterport In bangalore and other areas cover everything that today’s company needs for marketing.

The staff of Starts360 said, “We started this business, not only for introducing and providing the Matterport virtual tour service but also to help businesses in India to grow. Our service also has become the solution that many companies use during a pandemic. It was unfortunate the pandemic stopped the company from running its business. However, we also see it as a blessing in disguise because that changed the business environment in India to be more advanced. Thus, our service for matterport in Pune is here to support those changes.” For more information about Starts360 and its service also Matterport technology, one can visit its official website through the link below.

About Sarts360

Starts360 is the provider of an advanced business marketing platform in the form of a 3D virtual tour. This company uses Matterport camera and technology to capture the establishment image, which will turn into a 3D virtual tour platform, ready to be accessed by the customer. This company has begun to expand its business to many cities in India.

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