Andrés Rojas, the celebrity strategist, shares the secrets to grow in social networks

  • PublishedJune 1, 2022
Andrés Rojas, the celebrity strategist, shares the secrets to grow in social networks

Rojas is the brain behind the accounts of brands, labels, artists and celebrities

Thanks to the growth of social networks, the influencer and content creator Andrés Rojas has become the strategist for celebrities, helping them digitally to strengthen their careers.

The social media expert helps brands, labels, artists, and influencers to recapture the magic on these platforms.

He has worked with Venezuelan influencer, actor, and comedian called Marko and the singer Fefi Oliveira, both of whom have millions of followers on social media.

“As a strategist, I have participated in countless advertising for brands, record companies and influencers. Many people come and find me for advice with social networks, I think I am successful at that point, there are many people who continue to ask us how I do to revive the engagement of their social media,” he said.

Rojas, known as (@andresflowcito) find the power of social networks after moving from Colombia to the United States in 2017 and is currently one of the most popular entrepreneurs in that area; Andrés has specialized in sharing the secrets to activate in the algorithm and recover the magic with the followers of social networks.

When the social media of influencers start to decline, as they may have 10 million followers, but their engagement doesn’t match the number of people following them, they get to Andres with the purpose that he works his magic and helps them.

These people come to me to see what I do, how I can activate the algorithm of their social media, and we start a process in which we revive that talent because if you had a magic, a connection with people, it will be lost 100%, it will always remain as that line and that it can be resumed at some point,” he explained.

The expert’s recommendation is to maintain its line, return to its origins and reinvent itself, avoiding overdoing it by creating other facets.

Rojas has a house that has the qualities to create content, also has puppies, a swimming pool, different models of cars, playgrounds, gardens, and an office with full monitors, so that every moment influencers visit, they can record their best content.

Soon, Rojas plans to launch his project as a musician, as he has several songs recorded. “There are many things that I haven’t published, I have five songs recorded, it’s like a frustrated dream for the whole world, and it is what I tell people on Instagram and social media, that one doesn’t have to stay with the thought: what would have happened if he had done it,” he explained.

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