Explores the Important Things to Know About Character Strengths

June 01 00:15 2022 Explores the Important Things to Know About Character Strengths

Character strengths are traits that show people’s assets, not their faults and issues. Good character, according to positive psychology, includes 24 valued character strengths. These strengths fit nicely into six general virtues. Continue reading to understand these character strengths and why they are necessary.

Character Strengths are Scientific

In the early 2000s, Martin Seligman, Chris Peterson, and several other scientists composed a list of 24 character strengths within six virtues. The book, Character Strengths and Virtues, published the list, according to This book is the backbone of the science of Positive Psychology. 

Character matters for family life, workplaces, and educational settings. Employees who understand their character and work to develop these strengths are valuable assets to their employers. Businesses even hire strength assessment companies to help employees better understand themselves. 

Character strengths are what many people consider “goodness.” People of all ages, all around the world, possess them. People interested can browse around this website for more detailed information. People display these strengths through thoughts, feelings, and actions. Although everyone has all 24 strengths, each possesses them to a different degree. In addition to these 24 strengths, each person has a group of signature strengths. These are unique to that individual. These qualities energize the individual and help them perform well.

Six Virtues

The 24 character strengths can be categorized into six virtues. Strengths of wisdom and knowledge include creativity and curiosity, as well as the love of learning. Strengths of courage include traits of bravery, honesty, enthusiasm, and perseverance. People with strengths of courage can accomplish goals amid opposition. Love, kindness, and social intelligence are traits of the strengths of humanity. People show these behaviors when they help or befriend others. Strengths of justice include teamwork, leadership, and fairness. These strengths are necessary to have a healthy community life. Protecting against excess is the strength of temperance. This includes forgiveness, carefulness, and self-control. Finally, the strengths of transcendence include gratitude, hope, humor, and spirituality. These strengths can help individuals understand 10 Transformational Empowerment Strategies for Life and Work.

Strengths Change

Although each individual has five signature character strengths that stay with them for a while, they do shift over time. These character strengths can change depending on life’s situations and demands. For example, someone who is usually very creative and curious may focus on weight loss and getting into shape. At that time of their life, they might show the strength of “zest” more than at other times.

Working on the Weaknesses

While this psychological approach focuses on building up character strengths, that doesn’t mean it ignores weaknesses. Strengths-based psychology also helps people find resources for change, bounce back from setbacks, and make positive changes to move in the right direction.

Measurable Strengths

There are a variety of character strength surveys designed to measure to what degree people display each strength. Some free online assessments can help. Some companies even specialize in assessing, such as tilt 365. Parents can also learn how to evaluate and understand their child’s strengths. 

Understanding character strengths can help an individual improve themselves in their giftedness. As they identify weaknesses, it also provides additional growth opportunities for the whole person.

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