Discusses Understanding the SRS Airbag Light and Its Role in the Functioning of a Vehicle

May 31 23:46 2022 Discusses Understanding the SRS Airbag Light and Its Role in the Functioning of a Vehicle

Many cars today come with a supplemental restraint system or SRS. When the SRS light comes on in the vehicle, the owner needs to take the car to a mechanic. The mechanic determines what is wrong with the system and how best to fix it. 

What is This SRS Light?

The SRS light alerts the driver to a problem with the supplemental restraint system. It comes on when there is a problem with the airbags in the vehicle. The airbag light turns on when the vehicle is started, and the sensor checks the status of the system. When this light fails to turn off after the check is complete, the sensor has detected an issue. For more information on this system, here is a fantastic read to check out. 

Why Is This Light On?

The SRS light may remain on for several reasons. At times, the problem is nothing more than a seat belt that is loose or not strapped. Put the seatbelt in the buckle and see if this resolves the issue. If the vehicle is in an accident, the crash sensors may need replacement. Following a crash, the driver may have the airbags fixed, but the light remains on. Corrosion is another reason the light may come on. If the internal components of the system have been exposed to water, corrosion becomes a concern, as it can impact the airbag’s functionality. 

Driving With the Light On

Although it is possible to drive the vehicle with the SRS light on, a person should never do so. If they are in an accident, the airbags might not deploy. Airbags reduce the force of the accident and slow the impact. A person should never put their life or the lives of the vehicle’s occupants at risk by ignoring this light. 

How Does the SRS Work?

What is SRS on air bags? According to, the vehicle contains motion sensors that detect an accident when it occurs. Vehicles have these sensors in various places to ensure the airbags deploy. Sensors found in most vehicles include side door pressure sensors, seat occupancy sensors, and impact sensors. 

What to Do When the SRS Light Activates?

When the SRS light activates, the driver should immediately take the vehicle to a repair shop like Safety Restore for help. Drivers might also find they can use an OBD2 scanner to reset the sensors. The scanner will provide information on what is wrong with the sensors, and the driver might find they can do the work to fix the airbag or airbag sensors. However, if the problem persists, the vehicle needs to be examined by a mechanic trained in airbag operation.

When the SRS light activates in a vehicle, the airbag system isn’t working correctly. Airbags save countless lives every year, so a driver must pay attention to this light and have the problem resolved before driving the car. No driver can control the actions of others on the road, so even the safest driver might find they are in an accident. When this happens, the airbags help to reduce injuries and minimize the risk of death. If the SRS light comes on, take it to a mechanic for help. Life is too precious to be lost as a result of a malfunctioning SRS.

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