Guloor Releases Wigs with Lace Hair Systems

May 31 16:02 2022
Guloor Releases Wigs with Lace Hair Systems
lace hair systems
Guloor releases a variety of wigs with lace hair systems. It helps to produce lightweight, comfortable, and natural wigs.

Guloor, a reputable wig producer in Qingdao, China, releases a variety of wigs with lace hair systems. The company uses this system because it has become one of the most popular hair replacement systems. The company supervisor explained, “People prefer to use a wig with lace hairstyle systems because it feels lightweight, comfortable, natural, and undetectable. We can also improve the products into a variety of hairstyles.”

Because of this system, customers can wear full Swiss lace, French lace, the combination, lace with skin, and other options. Hairstylists or users love to use wigs with this system because they can easily style the hair just like real stylish hair. The company can even customize the hairstyle system according to the customers’ requirements. The supervisor added, “A French lace wig on top and front is one of our products. It uses a specific lace hair system that makes the wig look natural and realistic. We try to achieve our goal by designing the product with double-layer lace in front. Then, we sew stitching the materials to ensure the durability.”

Most wigs with lace hairstyles have thin skin on the back and sides. This design keeps the wigs easy to tape and firmly attach to the skin. The company also wants to introduce wigs that are easy to clean by providing lace wigs. The supervisor added, “We assume that people also love lace wigs because they can find a product with a variety of sizes. Nowadays, they can wear a 7-inch x 10-inch, 6-inch x 10-inch, or 6-inch x 9-inch. It is okay if they want to customize the wig just like what they want.” The hue of this product is also various. The company is also ready if customers request a specific hue out of the catalog. The lace wigs are made from 100% human hair with up to 30mm curl and wave. The wigs are also dense enough to improve the realism.

The making process also uses bleach knots to ensure that no one knows that users wear a wig. The company also uses PU on the sides and back to keep the lace wigs easy to attach and clean. The goal is to provide natural and beautiful wigs to keep its users stylish and confident. The supervisor explained, “We hope that customers know that they can still find a comfortable, affordable, and stylish toupee wig for daily usage.”

About Guloor:

Guloor is a toupee wig provider in Qingdao, China. They have run this business for over 20 years by producing high-quality wigs for men and women. Wigs with lace hair systems are their popular product.

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