Online Retailer UShops Unveils New Korean Beauty and Skincare Collection with Free Shipping

May 31 15:42 2022

UniQuanShop, also known as UShops, has introduced a new line of Korean beauty cosmetics and medical aesthetic devices that aims at a large consumer base of Canadians seeking beauty, glamour, and elegance. The new collection includes eye, hair, and skincare products, not to mention the free shipping offer on orders above $99 within Canada. As such, there’s no better time than now to access a wide range of top-trending Korean cosmetics without breaking the bank.

As proof of UniQuanShop’s pocket-friendly offers, the company’s K-beauty cosmetic line features a price range of $12.99 to $199, with most products under $55.99. The B2B-B2C medical beauty distributor is also offering around 15% off specific orders, such as the V-care 4D brand and V-care LED vibrator. Listed on the company’s line-ups are:

  • Probiotics Therapy (cream)
  • Peptide 9 (including toner, cream, emulsion, and scrub)
  • Vita Clinic (including hair filler, gel foam, and serum)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (including toner, cream, emulsion, and gel foam)
  • Collagen (including sleeping mask, shampoo and conditioner, eye serum, and hair filler)
  • CICA Farm (including solution toner, calming mask, cleansing balm, and sleeping mask)
  • Tea Tree Biome (cream, emulsion, eye cream, and toner)

When questioned about the motive behind the launch, a spokesperson for UShops explained, “One of our core brand values is extending the world of K-beauty products to the international market, Canada to be specific. Beauty is something everyone can take pride in, regardless of race or nationality. Whether you have deep pockets or are on a budget, there is always something for everyone at UShops.”

What makes the K-branded cosmetic products popular among Canadians isn’t just affordability, but the promotion of self-care with natural ingredients that have undergone scientific testing and are ideal for use. These products, from hydro jelly masks to emulsions and toners, can effectively remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin, while simultaneously stimulating collagen production for a youthful look. They feature popular brands, like Dermabelle, Farmstay, The Zsazsa, and Uniquan.

Naturalhair care and Korean eye care products are also available at UShops. Beauty enthusiasts who don’t frequent the cosmetic clinics for beauty regimes can take advantage of UShops’ aesthetic devices, such as the LED skin rejuvenation mask that sells for $119. This device tones and firms the skin by lightening pigmentation and improving collagen production. The rejuvenation mask requires only 9 minutes of daily use to attain natural beauty.

In closing, the spokesperson noted that UShops distinguishes itself from the competition via its B2B-B2C cosmetic provision. Its sizeable distribution network allows retailers, cosmetic artists, and direct consumers to purchase trending K-beauty products at affordable prices. Likewise, the company’s free delivery service on specific orders is the cherry on top.

About UShops

UniQuanShop is an importer and distributor of cosmetic supplies. Founded in 2017, the company strives to bridge the gap between the Korean medical beauty industry and the B2B-B2C Canadian market via its high-quality K-beauty line. Within this collection are trendy eye, hair, and skin care products marketed by UShops to address varying conditions, like dark circles, hair breakage, wrinkles, and fine lines. They are natural and clinically proven to achieve the desired results.

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