New Book Constructs A Healthy and Positive Model of Masculinity

May 31 17:45 2022
New Book Constructs A Healthy and Positive Model of Masculinity
Book Release of “Positive Masculinity Now” By Mac Scotty McGregor Kindle Release June 1st, In print June 7th

For release on June 1st, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to reinforce a healthy lifestyle by breaking out of traditional toxic gender molds.

Mac McGregor’s new book, Positive Masculinity Now, takes a deep dive into gender expectations, socialization, and messaging. Readers will discover different ways to create deep, meaningful connections through this guide, free from masks and restrictive thinking. They will also learn the importance of breaking free from traditional gender models to create healthy relationships, careers, friendships, and self-images. Once practiced, these strategies will reinforce a fulfilling life full of growth, curiosity, and expansion in all interactions. 

Positive Masculinity Now will be available in paperback via Amazon starting June 7th and Kindle beginning June 1st.

“The possibilities of what can happen with this revolutionary work are endless. Healing and freedom of expression are just the start. Tearing down ancient, outdated constructs that cause more damage than good is another phase of this meaningful work. Then, we can begin to rebuild a healthy model of masculinities, where all forms of expression are celebrated.” – Mac Scotty McGregor, author of Positive Masculinity Now (Ch. 13)

“Positive Masculinity Now has Mac’s voice on every page. By understanding masculinity from the personal to the societal and cultural, the reader can see how larger forces have created and maintained a set of toxic expectations and experiences for men. Bottom line — this book is filled with wisdom and some beneficial tools.”  

Dr. Pepper Schwartz – is an American sexologist, author, television personality, and sociologist teaching at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. 

“Understanding how the narrow molds of gender socialization have limited everyone is critical for people to be true to themselves and live responsibly in the world. Through conscious exploration guided by Positive Masculinity Now, all can learn to make empowering decisions that create a more inclusive model of masculinity that supports communication, intimacy, and authenticity within.”

MAC MCGREGOR is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of “Positive Masculinity,” a nonprofit that works to dismantle toxic masculinity and create a healthier model of masculinity for all people. He is an experienced speaker and holds positions on multiple state and city level councils where he develops policy and training around dealing with the transgender community. Mac is a dedicated, heartfelt activist and educator who focuses every part of his existence on creating a world where people can feel free to be their authentic selves.

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