From Soothing Alternative to Powerful and Melodic Metal: Iñaki Espartza’s Enbor Arnasa Project Enthralls Listeners

May 31 16:36 2022
From Soothing Alternative to Powerful and Melodic Metal: Iñaki Espartza’s Enbor Arnasa Project Enthralls Listeners
Blending and encompassing a range of dynamic and scintillating musical genres, the Enbor Arnasa project is one for the ages

With singles such as “Burutapenak”, “Zailegi”, and “Illunari Argia”, Enbor Arnasa presents audiences with a magnetic mix of rhythms, soundscapes, and song writing that is putting them right onto the musical map. The eclectic collective conjures a unique musical character, which is underscored in their blends of Alternative, Metal, Progressive Rock and Rock music.

Produced and composed primarily in Basque language, Enbor Arnasa’s discography takes listeners onto a journey through emotions and sentiments. With diversity and range being the collective’s forte, fans can expect a colorful variety of musical elements, genres, moods, and stories, and rightly so.

Led by the group’s composer, Iñaki Espartza’s seamlessly spun rhythmic compositions, Enbor Arnasa continues to deliver formidable musical pieces. Some of the project’s key releases include their 2020 self-styled album, “Enbor Arnasa” and the 2021 album, “Ilunari Argia”, which included 12 stunning tracks for listeners.

With a rich and riveting amalgamation of rhythms and tunes, Enbor Arnasa delivers powerful and stirring musical compositions, underlined by charged yet melodic metal and Rock music. However, true to their dynamic nature, the group also composes serene and calming compositions for audiences to unwind to, while taking in the depth of their message.

Through releases such as “Illunari Argia”, listeners are bound to feel a mix of different emotions, because each stirring track on the album presents a distinct and different outlook- the product of music crafted in different situations.

“I like a lot of different kinds of music. Enbor Arnasa is a special project, all in Basque language, and mostly talking about hope,” says Iñaki Espartza regarding the project and the music they create.

Visit Enbor Arnasa’s website to stream, download, and listen to their music on Spotify as well as other music platforms. Follow the artists on social media for updates on new releases and for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.


Iñaki Espartza is a prolific and talented composer in the Enbor Arnasa musical collective. Enbor Arnasa is an up-and-coming music project that began in Biscay in 2019 and has ever since continued to enthrall and inspire audiences. Espartza himself started his musical journey when he was very young, inspired to pursue his own artistic sensibilities.

Currently, the rising artist plays guitar, drums and percussion and has been creating music in Enbor Arnasa since 2019. With the group, Espartza has released two albums, completely in Basque, namely: Enbor Arnasa (2020) and Illunari Argia (2021). The composer hopes that Enbor Arnasa soars to new heights and is able to compete with other musicians. He also intends to take his craft to the big stage and perform at live gigs with his contemporaries.






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