Why Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Is So Important: With Sage Beauty Aesthetics

May 31 14:57 2022
There are several benefits to using a moisturizer on the scalp after receiving SMP.

Like a tattoo or any permanent makeup, aftercare is a pivotal part of the process after scalp micropigmentation. To get the best results and longevity of the treatment, one must ensure the correct products are used.

A bald head is fairly low maintenance; let’s be honest. But that doesn’t mean not caring for it at all, especially after receiving scalp micropigmentation (commonly referred to as SMP). If SMP has been required due to hair loss and filling in a hairline, why wouldn’t the client want to keep it looking fresh and healthy?

So, why does the scalp need moisturizing? There is no hair there to protect the scalp from the elements; the scalp is directly exposed to environmental pollutants, harsh UV rays from the sun and dry winter air. Keeping up with shaving the head will also contribute to the scalp drying out.

There are several benefits to using a moisturizer on the scalp after receiving SMP.

As the client would be experiencing slight tenderness after the treatment, a moisturizer can help soothe the scalp while it is healing. Even with shampoo and conditioner, the scalp would naturally dry out, so combined with continuous shaving, it is only natural that the scalp would eventually become sore and irritated; therefore, it is essential to use a high-quality moisturizer to ease that irritation. The majority of the time, the SMP artist will provide a soothing aftercare balm to support the client throughout the healing process.

Again, as with any tattoo or permanent makeup, if the regular application of moisturizer is not carried out, the client may experience slight scabbing or flaking. This is perfectly normal after SMP, but the last thing anyone wants is dry parts of the scalp falling onto the shoulders. Think of it as an extension of the face that needs moisturizing, so why not moisturize the scalp.

It is a well-known fact that moisturizers and SPF are vital. Both the skin and the scalp need to be protected from UV rays and kept hydrated. When a client has had scalp micropigmentation, they want to show off their new look; the last thing they want to do is cover up their head. After treatment, the scalp is expected to be very sensitive, so investing in a high-quality moisturizer and SPF is the perfect solution.

When looking for a suitable moisturizer, try to avoid products filled with fragrances, artificial dyes and words that cannot be pronounced. Be mindful that an oily moisturizer does not absorb quickly and a thin, watery product would be no good for keeping the scalp adequately hydrated.

The SMP artist should provide the appropriate aftercare advice once the treatment has been carried out and will be able to explain what moisturizer will be needed going forward to assist through the healing process. Taking appropriate care of the scalp after micropigmentation will ultimately help it heal faster and ensure that the final results meet all expectations.

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