Chatbot Industry Grows with Use of Contactless Services in COVID-19

May 31 05:19 2022
More people are turning to chatbots to answer customer queries in the pandemic

Makebot, the market leader of chatbots in South Korea, has announced the publication of its 2022 Asia Chatbot Trend Report. Following the last Chatbot Trend Report in 2021, Makebot has been putting in efforts on publishing the next trend report for a rapidly growing market – the Chatbot Market. Makebot has been continuously publishing Chatbot Trend Reports since 2018. This helps to raise the awareness about chatbots and paints a big picture of where the Chatbot Industry is headed.

In the 2022 edition of the Chatbot Trend Report, Makebot surveyed 5 Asian countries: South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Japan. This trend report not only highlights how the respondents in these five countries perceive chatbots, but also shows how the chatbot industry is growing at a steady rate.

“As this report indicates, chatbots are increasingly effective across different industries,” says Makebot CEO and founder. “The pandemic has only accelerated the consumer trend towards contactless services, and brands with chatbots are doing better at providing efficient customer service.”

According to the report, 72% of survey respondents in the five countries surveyed said that they had heard about chatbots. This is a 6% increase from last year. Of these, 63% of respondents said they had used a chatbot operated by a company or brand. Most of these respondents also said they were willing to use contactless services even after the pandemic is over, which indicates that the pandemic was an important factor in trying out contactless services.

When asked how they perceived companies that implemented chatbots, 32% of respondents said they viewed these companies as innovative while another 32% of respondents said they viewed these companies as responsive. Since a bulk of respondents viewed companies that introduced chatbots as innovative, these companies are likely to reap the benefit of improving their corporate image.  In addition, most respondents were likely to recommend chatbot services to family or friends, with India being the most likely to recommend a chatbot service.

As Makebot’s 2022 Asia Chatbot Trend Report indicates, brands that have integrated chatbots into their customer experience are creating lasting connections with their customers. As consumers evolve, chatbots are becoming a more crucial part of customer service.

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Makebot provides customized, AI powered chatbot services to clients. A single chatbot can be integrated into multiple platforms including but not limited to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Line. Makebot can also provide multilingual chatbots to clients. Some of Makebot’s clients include Weverse – the largest international K-pop entertainment platform – and Korean Air – one of Asia’s largest airlines. With clients in various industries ranging anywhere from finance to healthcare, aviation, and entertainment, Makebot has garnered attention from potential clients both domestically and internationally.

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