Rentna launches the first Filipino peer-to-peer renting platform, bringing cost and environmentally friendly interactions a step further

May 31 04:12 2022
Anchored on hospitality, a Filipino trademark, Rentna is out to become a game-changer in the market by introducing an innovative platform where users can supplement their income through rental business.

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Rentna has unveiled a game-changing peer-to-peer renting platform where users can make passive income with the things they are not using often.

“Using what you already have to create money can be a fantastic way to start. While there are numerous side hustle opportunities, selling your items is one of the quickest methods to get money. Renting out your items to others is another method to make money from them. That’s where Rentna comes into the picture,” a Rentna team member said.

Rentna leads the way in bringing an innovative method for those who want to make extra income without working long hours. 

On Rentna, users only need to write a description, set a price, and add some pictures. The items are covered by Rentna’s Money Back Guarantee program for up to ₱20,000. If the item is worth more than that, individuals can request from their renters a security deposit, handled for free by Rentna. 

Afterward, they can review and accept rental requests, then chat and get to know the renters. After lending the item to the renter, they get paid 24 hours after the rental start. Only fully verified users can rent or lend to protect the owners. 

Rentna assures individuals that only credible and trusted users are accepted on the platform. It applies a careful vetting process for users’ information before allowing them to post on the platform their own interests and things to rent. Rentna accredits legitimate users for individuals to interact and have meaningful yet efficient conversations. 

“Renting out your belongings is more than simply a method to generate some fast cash. It can potentially become a regular side hustle that converts your possessions into revenue-generating assets,” the team member said.

Launched as the first Filipino peer-to-peer marketplace, Rentna was established for people to experience cost and environmentally friendly interactions with one another. Part of Rentna’s vision is to build a community of trust and be able to share what the platform has for others. 

Rentna is also well on its way to expanding its services to help users’ services get the proper exposure they deserve as they reach different verified users – may it be in their neighborhood or from another town.

“This will help people reach out from a wide range of audiences that will help them earn extra income and rent things if they need some. In short, rent all you want!” the team member said.

Those who want to get started in making passive income and begin their rental business may sign up right away or contact the Rentna team for any questions. Others who wish to learn more about Rentna and its game-changing services may visit the website for more information.

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