Dawn Hill Publications Ltd proudly introduces Kyra Radcliff, award-winning author of The Billionaire Is Conned

May 31 03:16 2022
UK based publishing house, Dawn Hill Publications Ltd is proud to introduce Kyra Radcliff, award-winning author of the contemporary romance novel, The Billionaire Is Conned.

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Romance author, Kyra Radcliff’s first novel The Billionaire Is Conned saw her taking home the 2021 Independent Publish Book Award for best romance category.

“Needless to say, winning the 2021 IPPY award was a big, big moment for me and everyone in the Dawn Hill Publication family. It’s right up there, probably topping everything else that I’ve achieved in life,” recalls Kyra.

“It means a lot to me as an up-and-coming author, whose first book was published around a year ago. It’s a definite vindication of the passion that I inject into my writing, in addition to the reviews by independent readers.” 

“When I was told that DHP had submitted my book for the 2021 IPPY award, I certainly never thought that I’d win. With the talent out there and associated intense competition, I wasn’t hopeful at all. I was simply pleased that Dawn Hill chose what I considered to be one of my best works to be submitted for an award,” continues Kyra.

Kyra’s award-winning romance novel, The Billionaire Is Conned, draws on her experience with personal adversity. 

“I truly believe that surviving these personal adversities is the secret behind my strength and source of inspiration. Redemption is a big theme in my books, as in The Billionaire Is Conned, where it is the hero, Lyle, who redeems himself,” adds Kyra.

“I like passion, drama, twists, and turns. My heroines are not simpering and helpless like the genre of yore, but are strong, independent, fearless, assertive yet compassionate. My heroes are varied – some are your typical alpha male, while others are sweet and tender. However, all my characters, the protagonists in particular, display human flaws. Plus, there is always a twist towards the end – a surprise most readers don’t expect in the romance genre.”

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The Billionaire Is Conned has a twist ending that its reviewers acknowledged was not only unexpected but hugely enjoyable. 

“Another of my favourite scenes is the opening sequence where the hero, Lyle, meets the heroine, Fifi believing her to be a teenager. The scene where Fifi arrives for dinner at his residence in nothing but her nightwear, is another, outraging our hero Lyle. Also, in Rome in a public square where Lyle imagines and jots down the feelings of total strangers at the bequest of Fifi. As for my favourite characters, it would have to be Fifi. Outside of the main characters, I’d have to say it was Lyle’s mother.”

Describing her unique process, Kyra explains, “My dream workspace is probably the spa, otherwise my home office. But before I get started, I spend time sitting in my garden or bed imagining a scene, and its associated dialogues, feelings, and emotions, over and over again, until I’m ready to write it.”

“Winning the 2021 IPPY award has absolutely boosted my confidence in my ability as an author, spurring me to continue writing. I’ve already written another dozen books and am in the throes of writing my thirteenth. They are scheduled to be published soon, one every other month.”

The Billionaire Romances a Star is another must-read Kyra Radcliff title for readers who enjoy their novels steamy and erotic. It features Olivia Barrington, a beautiful and successful actress and Leonard Webb, a mysterious media mogul who find themselves tangled in a complicated web of love and office politics when Leonard reveals that he’s bet his entire career on Olivia giving the performance of a lifetime in her role in a new television drama. Drama, envy, secrets, and desire – The Billionaire Romances a Star offers readers all this and more.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love reading my own books. And it’s immensely satisfying that my readers feel the same way,” concludes Kyra. 

About Kyra Radcliff

Kyra Radcliff is an up-and-coming romance author, represented by Dawn Hill Publications. Her first novel The Billionaire Is Conned saw her taking home the 2021 Independent Publish Book Award for best romance category. The award-winning author has thirteen more novels in the pipeline, including Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair, and Missing Melody.

About Dawn Hill Publications

Dawn Hill Publications is a UK based publishing house founded in July 2019 and focused on the publishing romances across three categories – Contempo – contemporary romances for the modern audience, Mystique – mystery romances, Brazen – bold and explicit romances and crime thrillers. Our authors include Kyra Radcliff, Ravina Hilliard, Soleil Collins, and Mark Ravine in each category respectively.

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