Interview with SUN Shiqi: Determined to Move Forward in Innovation and Breakthrough

May 31 01:46 2022
(reporter: LI Lin)

“Dare to try, dare to innovate, dare to make breakthroughs, do not back down at critical moments, and do not bow in the face of difficulties.” This is the deep understanding of SUN Shiqi, a well-known Chinese financial technology R&D expert, on the spirit of scientific research.

In recent years, emerging technologies represented by artificial intelligence have been deeply integrated with the financial industry, innovative financial solutions have emerged one after another, the impact of technology on the financial industry has been continuously strengthened, and financial technology has entered a new stage of leapfrog development. In such a big environment, SUN Shiqi, an expert in financial technology R&D, upholds the original intention of forging ahead, regards technological innovation as the driving force to promote the development of the financial industry, and innovates and develops a series of scientific research results that meet the market demand, subverting the traditional financial service concept and model, to build a smart financial service system oriented by precision and intelligent as a means, to gather a huge “energy pool” for the high-quality development of the modern financial industry, and constantly promote the development and growth of the entire financial industry.

SUN Shiqi graduated from the University of Canberra, Australia. She is not only professional in the field of technology, has professional financial knowledge and marketing rules, she also has a strong sensitivity to the subtle changes and development trends of the financial market. Over the past few years, she has provided accurate and scientific investment advice to a large number of investors to help them maximize their investment benefits. At the same time, she also took into account the research and development of financial technology, actively applies cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, neural network and artificial intelligence to the field of financial services, and designed and developed a number of scientific and technological achievements such as “Data-driven FTS Forecasting System”, “FD Analysis System Based on Marketing Theory V1.0”, and “Asset Value Evaluation System of Non-Public Medical Enterprises Based on Hybrid Expert System V1.0”, which quickly predicted the trend of financial market with the help of scientific and technological means, effectively improved the accuracy of financial investment prediction, and played an important role in promoting the intelligent reform of the financial industry. At present, a number of original technological achievements innovatively developed by SUN shiqi have become the core application technologies in the field of smart financial services.

The financial market is changing rapidly. Affected by economic market, political factors and other factors, financial investment also has great uncertainty, and the prediction analysis and prediction modeling of market data are particularly important. Mining the potential law of financial data changes and accurately judging the development trend of financial market will help financial investors formulate more perfect investment strategies, so as to reduce investment risks, improve investment efficiency. However, financial data has the characteristics of nonlinearity, high noise and non-stationary, which also makes the financial market inherently unpredictable. How to accurately grasp the change trend of the financial market is the key direction that major financial scientific research institutions are concentrating on. The “FD Analysis System Based on Marketing Theory V1.0” developed and designed by SUN Shiqi has achieved a breakthrough in this problem and provided a huge reference for the entire financial technology research and development field.

The system builds an information analysis model with marketing theory as the core, and combines spatial data mining and online analysis technologies to conduct real-time analysis of large-scale and complex financial data, significantly improving financial data processing capabilities and forecasting accuracy. In a wide range of applications, the system shows great commercial value. More than 99.6% of investors said that the system can provide sufficient basic data for economic calculation, intelligently analyze financial market conditions and industry development trends, accurately evaluate the investment environment and market potential of financial investment projects, and assist decision makers in remote project monitoring. It is worth mentioning that the system can also automatically generate the mathematical model, evaluation index system and implementation method required in the process of investment project promotion, and provide technical guarantee for the smooth promotion and completion of financial investment projects. It has been highly praised by the user and enterprises. As the researcher of this major technological achievement, SUN Shiqi was also rated as “the most potential scientific research genius” by industry experts and scholars.

Talking about the secret of success, SUN Shiqi said frankly: “For me, it is focus, perfection, not forgetting the original intention, and moving forward steadily.” The financial service industry covers a wide range of areas and new knowledge is emerging one after another. The prediction of market demand and development trend is a challenge to all financial practitioners and researchers. Facing problems, unknowns and difficulties, SUN Shiqi is willing to be an innovator who is brave to challenge and diligent in thinking. Looking forward to the future, SUN Shiqi said that she will be firm, pioneering and innovative, and will move forward on the journey of actively building smart finance and promoting the high-quality development of the financial service industry.

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