ZHENG Huachuan – Smart Security Technology Escorts Community Safety

May 31 00:43 2022
(reporter: LI Xuejiao)

Property management touches almost every one of us. A good property management team can make our lives more secure, more comfortable and more convenient, which is the greatest security guarantee for our lives. With the development of science and technology, modern technology continues to integrate into our lives, the construction of smart cities and smart buildings is in full swing, which also allows modern people to have a higher quality of life. As an important component of modern life, property management has also made great progress in intelligent and information-based reform. ZHENG Huachuan is an outstanding expert in the field of intelligent property management in China, as a senior practitioner with rich experience in front-line property management and a keen development vision, promoting the development of the industry has always been his pursuit. In recent years, he has combined advanced technologies, such as, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence with the actual needs of property management and developed many scientific and technological achievements that greatly promote the development of the property management industry.

ZHENG Huachuan is a compound talent in the field of property management, as well as a smart property management research expert with a spirit of research and innovation. He believes, “With the development of the times, people’s pace of life continues to accelerate, they also have higher requirements for the efficiency and quality of life. As a direct participant in people’s life process, the service experience provided by the property is directly related to the safety and living experience of users. In the era of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, smart properties have become an emerging force in the development of the industry. At present, many property service enterprises have taken the construction of smart property as a major opportunity to solve the pain points of the industry and achieve leapfrog development of transformation and upgrading. There are more and more enterprises and scientific researchers have participated in the exploration of smart property construction.”

In ZHENG Huachuan’s view, safety precautions are the key content of property management work and an important part of building smart property and intelligent community. Through the construction of a smart security system, the transformation from traditional prevention to technological prevention can be realized, which can help the basic work of security protection provide community residents with a safe and reliable working and living environment, in order to promote the construction of a harmonious community. Therefore, after repeated exploration and practice, he innovated and developed “Smart Security System Based on Big Data Technology”. Through advanced perception technology, the system can perceive, identify, and collect information on security elements, such as, personnel, vehicles, documents, and public safety facilities in the guarded area in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner. The use of Internet of Things, Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing and other technologies provides important support for public security prevention and control, community services, and social governance, which contributes an important force to the construction of an intelligent and safe community.

The system mainly includes several major functional systems, such as, subsystems of on-site monitoring, user interaction, fire linkage, intelligent security inspection and intelligent service. These subsystems are interrelated and operate independently of each other, enabling the handling of complex situations through the combination of different subsystem functions. In the past, inspecting property sites and monitoring video work were the most important work of property security personnel, and it was also a very heavy task, but the effect was often not satisfactory. To this end, ZHENG Huachuan used artificial intelligence image recognition, temperature sense chromatic aberration comparison, big data classification, etc., in the system to analyze the monitoring screen in real time. By comparing it with the normal environmental data values classified by the big data, it is determined whether the monitoring site is in a normal state. If the deviation from the classification data is too large, it means that there is something wrong. The system will report the alarm to the supervisor in time, and truly achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring. This completely solves the problem that has plagued the property management industry for many years.

The most valuable thing is that it also has a huge breakthrough in security inspection, the system uses the most advanced technology of face recognition, even if people wear a mask or hide half of face, it can still be easily identified. In addition, the system is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. It can not only be used in environments, such as, normal residential buildings, but also in large office buildings, supermarkets and other scenarios with complex personnel and large mobility. Through intelligent systems, such as, face and vehicle recognition, the system automatically collects and records all moving and static data of people or vehicles entering and leaving, which realized “Things Passed Trace Remained”. At the same time, it supports automatic analysis and warning, as well as one-stop query and comparison, so as to achieve a comprehensive and immediate grasp of the information of floating populations, key personnel and high-risk personnel, along with implement of remote smart custody of the region. A smart security management system of “Front-end Perception, Intelligent Early Warning, Fine Control” has been established, which provides accurate data support for building a safe community and a safe city.

This technological achievement has caused a great sensation in the property management industry since its public release. Its advanced and practicality has attracted many property management companies in the industry to introduce, it has served more than 1,000 residential communities and commercial buildings so far. The “Zero Occurrence” of preventable cases has been realized, the security effect is obvious, and the sense of security and satisfaction of the coverage of the masses has been significantly improved. At the same time, it also solves many problems plaguing the property management industry, such as, reducing the cost of property management manpower and material resources, improving the efficiency and intelligence level of property management, creating significant economic and social benefits, etc. ZHENG Huachuan also has many industry-leading and practical scientific research achievements, which also play a very huge role in property management. With the outstanding technical achievements and industry contributions, he has won unanimous praise from industry professionals, along with many major national industry awards, which enjoys a high influence in the industry.

As a rare scientific research talent of intelligent property management in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region, ZHENG Huachuan has been promoting the development of the property management industry in his way and building a security shield for the public. Looking forward to the future, ZHENG Huachuan said that his scientific research work will be still going on, he hopes to use technology to change the world and give the public a better property service experience and protection.

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