PeduL Secures $10,000 Grant from New York Jets and VISA, Iterates its Commitment to Bridging the Gap Between Companies and Prospective Interns

May 18 13:07 2022
The New York Jets, in conjunction with VISA, have provided over $30,000 in grants to black-owned businesses, including diversity workplace development company, PeduL

The outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall of 2019 revealed the weaknesses and problems of many companies in the United States and across the globe. There was a deeper plunge into more woes as the corporate world witnessed a great migration of employees because of poor workplace environments. The New York Jets have offered to help US-based businesses through this difficult phase.

Together with VISA, New York Jets have provided business grants to several US-based and black-owned businesses to cushion the impact of the pandemic and global lockdown on their operations. Of the grants provided to black-owned companies, PeduL, a diversity workforce development company stands out among the rest. PeduL is a company that helps companies diversify their entry level workforce and internships through scholarships. They have set themselves on a mission to help students have equal access to academic and professional opportunities.

Speaking about the business grant from New York Jets, the CEO of PeduL, Chisa Egbelu had this to say, “This grant is huge, not just because of the money that is given, but for us, we get to take it one step further and create a relationship and that’s the really beautiful part of this.”

PeduL has worked with companies such as Google, Paramount, Audible and many more major companies. Helping them to source and bring on new candidates of color into the companies that might have overlooked those candidates. The company offers an innovative matching algorithm that builds a diverse pipeline that matches candidates to corporate scholarships based on skill sets, personality, and cultural fit. This makes diversity recruiting of interns and entry-level employees more targeted, intentional, faster, and easier.

PeduL’s mission is to assure that all students have equal access to academic and professional opportunities—regardless of where they go to school or who they know. On the employee side, PeduL intends to provide employers who are intentional about curating diverse work environments with support to create more sustainable and impactful legacies for generations to come.

The New York Jets, in partnership with VISA, have shown support for pushing a future where opportunities are available for everyone, including black people and other people of color. Not too surprising for an organization that has hired two black head coaches and the first-ever devout Muslim head coach, Robert Salah, in the last 20 years.

For more information, please visit or follow them on social media at @wearepeduL.

About PeduL

PeduL is the brainchild of Chisa Egbelu and Kayla Michele. While they were in school at Rutgers University, the most diverse school in the country, they saw two sides of the same coin. They saw their friends struggle to gain employment at corporations across the country, but they also saw their employers at places like Google and NBCUniversal, struggle to find diverse talent. They knew that the talent was there, but they understood how difficult it could be for a corporation to find it.

The idea of PeduL was conceived to bridge the gap between companies and interns in a win-win situation for everyone. To learn more, log on to or send an email to [email protected].

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