Author J L Hill, Releases Book-3 Of The Killer Series

July 06 21:27 2021
Adult urban crime series set in New York City circa 1970s-1980s

Author, J L Hill, is releasing his third book in the Killer Series, Killer With Black Blood, the third of a four-part adult urban crime series set in New York city dated in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hill is also the publisher of Rockhill Publishing LLC, as well as a multi-genre author of Adult Fiction, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi novels. Hill was inspired by his life growing up in New York.

“I knew people who were in gangs and the Mafia. The series is a cross between Boyz in the Hood and Good Fellas,” said Hill.

Hill is looking forward to having readers explore the criminal element of New York.

“In the criminal world, people are seldom who they portray themselves to be, and there is a real friendship between the two protagonists, ‘Bulletproof’ Morris ‘MoJo’ Johnson and Nicky ‘Nails’ Rocci. To the outside world, they have a completely horrible sense of morality, but to each other they have an ironclad code of ethics based on brotherhood, loyalty, and commitment to success as seen from their perspective,” Hill said.

Hill, a native New Yorker was born and raised in the Bronx, spent his adolescent years in Fort Apache, the South Bronx 41st precinct during the Sixties, a time when you needed to have a gang to go to the store.

Hill’s other works include Killer With A Heart, the first in the series for ‘Bulletproof’ Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson, and Killer With Three Heads which continues the saga.

In addition, Hill writes sci-fi and fantasy under his full name, James L Hill, Pegasus: A Journey To New Eden, with a slant on the dark side of life. He recently penned, The Emerald Lady, the first in the fantasy Gem Stones Series and coming soon book 2, The Ruby Cradle.

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A native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx, James L Hill spent his adolescence years in Fort Apache, the South Bronx 41st precinct during the 60’s, a time when you needed to have a gang to go to the store. Raised on blues, soul, and rock and roll gave him the heart of a flower child. Educated by the turmoil of Vietnam, Civil Rights, and the Physical Revolution turned James into a gladiator. Realizing the precariousness of life, he took on an adventurous outlook trying anything once, and if it did not kill him, maybe twice.

12 years of Catholic education and a couple of years in college spread between euphoric years, which did not kill him, produced a unique moral compass that swings in any direction it wants. A scientific mind and a spirit that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough guides his writings. He enjoys traveling to new places and seeing what life has to offer.

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