Sean Kurtis DeMarco Inspires Others through His Book “Finding Me 250 Pounds Later”

June 23 18:37 2021
Sean Kurtis DeMarco Inspires Others through His Book "Finding Me 250 Pounds Later"

Trying to lose a massive amount of body weight can take a toll on a person’s body, mind, and emotions. The journey is often tough, discouraging, painful, and exhausting, prompting people to give up even if they desire to look good and feel good. It is not for the weak of heart. It is for everyone who has a strong resolve to change and prioritize physical health by embracing discipline and hard work. These are the attributes that book author Sean Kurtis DeMarco will teach his readers in his new book “Finding Me 250 Pounds Later.”

Originally born as AJ Rice, Sean Kurtis DeMarco opted for a change of name after losing a staggering 250 pounds to rebuild his identity, never again wanting to be remembered as the “AJ the fat guy” who often got teased. Sean went through gastric bypass weight loss surgery when he was only 18, convinced that it was the most effective solution to his pressing weight problem. The success of his medical surgery was an overwhelming experience for Sean as it ushered in an exciting new season of living healthy and feeling light. 

At some point, Sean got tired of all the teasing, not being able to fit on the rides at the fair, and struggling with his low self-esteem. He decided to put a stop to self-pity that had started to affect his mental health, resulting in anxiety, depression, addiction, and several suicide attempts. His mental health struggles were further fuelled by the death of his grandparents, who raised him. His health deteriorated, and he understood that it was time to take concrete steps towards a better version of himself. 

From a regular guy in a small town in California, Sean transformed into an inspiring and healthy-looking young man in just a matter of 11 months after his surgery. He went from 422 pounds to 179 pounds in less than a year, a tremendous feat he would not have achieved if he opted for the traditional exercise and diet regimen. The overwhelming change in his life boosted his self-esteem, improved his mental health dramatically, and gave him a newfound hope that he could begin anew as someone who wishes to promote positivity and encouragement to people who are struggling with their weight problem. 

While he has much to be thankful for today, Sean cannot fully say that his happiness is complete, as staying fit still requires a certain degree of self-consciousness and discipline despite his surgery. Through “Finding Me 250 Pounds Later,” he candidly shares about the new reality he is living now, one that is not always a walk in the park regardless of how good he may look. 

“I want to inspire someone with my story,” Sean revealed. “It took me a while to realize that you can’t find happiness losing weight or changing your appearance. It is the things that you carry inside that you must heal first. However, I wouldn’t change a single thing. It is what makes me the person I am today,” he added. 

To be able to reach more people, most especially because of the pandemic, Sean is making the second edition of “Finding Me 250 Pounds Later” available for a much lower cost. He wants to be able to inspire people who gained weight during the pandemic that they can still work on achieving their desired weight despite the crisis the world is facing today.

To know more about Sean DeMarco, make sure to grab a copy of his book on Amazon to follow along on his remarkable success journey. The book Finding Me: 250 Pounds Later will be available for preorder on July 1, 2021 for $1 as an ebook.

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