Cute Hamster Has Fun In The World’s Largest Hamster Maze Race With A Trap: Full Adventure Is Available At Homura Ham Channel

June 11 03:06 2021
Homura Ham is a fun Youtube Channel with more than 100 Hamster Maze Race Videos and over 600K subscribers.

What’s up with hamsters? Are they taking over the world?

We all know how much hamsters love exploring and getting themselves into trouble. If you’re a fan of these fluffy rodents, then you’ll love Homura Ham. This youtube channel features adorable hamster stories that will make your day.  One day he ends up in Minecraft prison and tries to escape the Super Mario maze on another day. To run the amazing maze, he has to overcome many obstacles and traps from a real-life setup.

For most people, playing Super Mario games and trying to beat the levels was one of their favorite childhood activities. This hilarious vlog shows how much fun life can be when you’re trying to solve puzzles and get out alive. From there, we are introduced to our hero, which is none other than our furry friend – Homura. 

Our little hero is now facing his biggest challenge with the world’s largest maze with the different real-world setup:

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog World – Can he pass the bridge, roll over the drums and reach the stop point?
  2. Minecraft Dungeon Maze – Watch our furry friend struggles to escape from the prison, bypassing the guards and avoiding explosives. We are talking about lots of TNTs here.
  3. Starship Maze – Our little guy flies to the moon with a rocket, but he seems a bit lost in his rocket.
  4. Angry Birds Maze – How would it feel trying to escape in a world full of angry birds and green pigs?
  5. Police Station – Landed on the station with a helicopter, Homura’s challenge is to escape from this place safely.
  6. Underwater Maze on the Great Barrier Reef – Beautifully set with corals, jellyfish, dolphins, and sharks, our Syrian breed is trying his best to escape.
  7. McDonald’s Maze – Plenty of burgers and cokes inside, can our champ escape or decided to stay?
  8. Lego Maze – Who doesn’t love Lego? But wait, it’s not that easy. He has to pass Minecraft, Fortnite, and Mario maze as well in a single act.
  9. School Maze – Who misses their school?
  10. Fire Station Maze – If you need help to get out from this place, get yourself a hamster.

Did he manage to escape the maze? Check on the complete video here: 

Video Link:

The most fascinating thing about Homura Ham’s vlogs is the maze setup is very detailed, with traps mimicking the real Super Mario world. However, the fun doesn’t stop there – you can also set up your own maze at home. Homura Ham has addressed this concern by providing some easy-to-set-up hamster mazes, which are quick and painless.

About Homura Ham

The latest adventures of Homura Ham is a famous Youtube channel with incredible hamster stories from maze races in a different world, Minecraft, Super Mario, McDonald’s, Starship, and many more. The little furry guy has gone through it all. Homura Ham has 654,000 active subscribers with over 5,000 views per video, and these numbers are growing every day.

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