ikiki Launches New Toddler Shoe Style

May 04 15:45 2021
Utah-based ikiki Shoes has released a new addition to their line of toddler footwear. The company produces shoes that appeal to younger children and are well suited for special needs.

ikiki® Shoes and Dave Sewell are pleased to announce a new addition to their line of affordable toddler shoes. ikiki’s new llama friend, Fresh M. Spitz, sports colorful sunglasses and is decorated with golden bling. Like other related styles, the Velcro strap makes it easy for younger children to put on and take off. Kids love the built-in squeaker and parents love that it has an on/off switch. The size adjustable high top and roomy toe box accommodate a variety of foot shapes and work well with braces.

The squeakers in ikiki shoes make learning to walk more fun and encourage proper heel-to-toe walking. Lightweight but sturdy ankle support helps children with low muscle tone and helps prevent tippy-toe walking and other bad habits. For non-verbal children, it also helps to track movement by the child. The squeaker can be turned off, when desired, using a convenient on/off switch. The squeaker is securely affixed, so there is no risk of a choking hazard. The design of the shoes may also help to combat chemo-induced walking issues.

More details are available at https://ikiki.co/collections/new/products/fresh-m-spitz

There is generally enough room in ikiki shoes to accommodate orthotics when needed. Many customers have used them with AFO/SMO braces. Parents are encouraged to purchase a pair that is two sizes larger than the youngster’s feet without braces. To accommodate special needs, ikiki shoes may be purchased as a single left shoe or right shoe or as a pair in mismatched sizes. Each of the character styles fits the same, only the exterior and colors vary. In addition to the llama, there are many other styles of closed-toe shoes and several sandals for a whimsical selection. 

The character shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes. Maybe the youngster is attracted by the color, character, or sounds the shoes make as he or she walks. Shoes that help with support and mobility do not have to be heavy or ugly. Because many of the shoes can be ordered as singletons, there is no need to have poorly fitted shoes for special needs children. 

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ikiki® Shoes are designed to appeal to small children. They also work well for special needs children, including those needing orthotics or braces to aid mobility. The character shoes are bright and have features that aid in training for mobility and correct gait. The shoes are available in toddler sizes from 2 to 13.

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