Satori Prime Introduces a Modern Approach to Personal Development and Spirituality

March 04 17:40 2021
The organization offers digital products, group and private coaching, corporate training and more.

Satori Prime as a personal growth organization is a brilliant and enlightening amalgam of life coaching, neuroscience psychology, intuitive guidance and ancient energetic wisdom practices. It is co-founded by brothers Guy and Ilan Ferdman, who are intuitive coaches, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

“Freedom is not an act of escaping our reality; it’s the process of taking responsibility for every aspect of our reality,” stated Guy and Ilan Ferdman.

Their work is driven by three indispensable core values: authenticity, transformation and service. And every single one of their students emulates these values. The organization does not apply gimmicks and empty inspiration as these tricks are not authentic or value-driven. They instead focus on the value within people and commit to their growth.

“Static,” “stationary” or “going in circles” are foreign concepts to Satori Prime. This organization constantly aims for transformation so that they, in return, can provide the absolute best experience to support the transformation of their students. They continue seeking new experiences, knowledge and practices. They also work with various teachers to ensure that they are always showing up as the highest version of themselves.

Their coaching and programs are effective in alleviating the stress and suffering of individuals and helping people live their best lives. These services send a ripple effect that extends to their students’ children, co-workers, family and many others — supporting Satori Prime’s bigger mission of serving the shift of the planet into higher consciousness.

“I did a call with Ilan, and I was blown away. In less than 45 minutes, he was able to tap into what 15 therapists had failed to see. I was able to rip off a giant scab and expose stuff I wasn’t able to look at in 45 years. I want more. I want to actually start living rather than existing and surviving. My soul is ready to be unstoppable,” stated Christine Cavaliero, a Satori Prime student.

Satori Prime manages the online magazine, They also run a podcast and Facebook group called Old Souls & Seekers. The Facebook group holds weekly live streams, where the Ferdman ​brothers uncover the most cutting-edge technology for mindset and emotional intelligence. It consists of a high-level community of growth-seeking individuals who give support and productive feedback.

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About Satori Prime

Satori Prime is a personal development, leadership and spiritual growth organization that caters to people across the globe.

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