Matt Prezioso debuts Meditation for the Real-Worlder.

March 04 17:30 2021
A modern and accessible approach to meditation that honors the traditional roots of these life-enhancing self-care practices.

Matt Prezioso is the founder and lead coach of Meditation for the Real-Worlder. This novel method offers a different way of approaching meditation that makes it incredibly attainable and turns meditation into an instant form of self care. The theory combines science-backed concepts on managing stress, mental wellbeing, and the thinking mind; along with traditional meditation and yoga approaches. The ideas can then be carried to any form of meditation instantly, and for those that are new to meditation, Matt introduces many different styles so students can find the one that resonates and best serves. Matt removes common challenges and roadblocks to meditation like physical discomfort, frustration due to thoughts, sleepiness and much more. Meditation then becomes simple and straightforward, so that immediate benefits are seen like stress relief, clarity, and the ability to navigate the many demands of the world. Furthermore, other benefits that come from a long-term practice, like long-term stress reduction, increased happiness, and elevated self-awareness, are much more attainable.

Gone are the days where someone must sit cross-legged and closed-eyed, tasked with getting the mind to stop (which it is not built to do). It’s no wonder that people struggle to see benefits of meditation, as thoughts race on and you shame yourself while trying. Instead, there are ways to *use* thoughts during meditation, and Matt Prezioso’s method introduces how.

More information on how to start meditating or rejuvenate a practice can be found at Visit for free resources to get started today.

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