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March 04 17:09 2021

March 4, 2021 – Unveiling a RE Payne QUALIFIED PRODUCER AND ASSOCIATES. He has unquenchable thirst for writing and call for excellence logline where he gives links to the movie industry to explore the single most important thing about the LOGLINE.

“Journalist Dayla’s bosses are introducing a new type of travel magazine – each one promoting a specific place-Singapore is chosen first because it has so much to offer. Dayla is asked to go to Singapore for Christmas and New Year’s to help wrap up the business for the first edition of the new magazine. She is told her company will pay the expenses of her physician husband, Jin, who was adopted as a child from Singapore, and 12-year old, daughter, Genna, also adopted there. Everyone is excited about the trip until Genna demands information on her Chinese biological parents and her adoption when her attitude upsets her parents and causes them to take drastic actions.”

“Even Hallmark (Crown Media, Inc.) is producing timely TV movies in exotic locations. We noticed one recently produced in Fiji. The same week was another one from Hawaii. International travelers rate SINGAPORE among their TOP FOUR locations to visit and do business. Noted for great food, the heritage, and cultures of Chinese, Japanese, Western, Indian, Vietnamese are celebrated, in many cases, in the same restaurants!

Connoisseurs of good food, gourmands, and persons who enjoy meeting others and who appreciate social occasions, and who enjoy living, love Singapore. Business travelers praise the great opportunities in Singapore, especially those who discover the encouragement and help received from the Government.”

LOGLINE: “Dayla and Jin create engaging tales of gourmet meals while traveling in Singapore over Christmas and New Year’s celebrations but the 12-year old daughter, Genna, adopted from Singapore as a baby, unexpectedly creates a chilling atmosphere of anger and personal distrust when she demands to know her biological family with explanations as to why she has not been told very much about her beginnings.”

About RE Payne

He is a Writer, TV Writer, Books Author, Speaker/Screenwriter, a Special Assistant Governor state of Louisiana 1996-2004. Journalism: Louisiana Press Association Numerous First Place Investigative Reporting Awards, First Place – Feature Stories Honorable Mentions, – Best Overall “Focus On Crime”.

He is the producer of this TV/MOVIES series

1. Unsolved Mysteries, NBC, 10 or more; Contributions Feature Unsolved Mysteries – “The Untold Story of Brandon Lee”

2. NBC-TV MOVIE OF THE WEEK: “Caught in the Crossfire”

3. “A Time Without Pity” – Screenplay, Available

4. “Outrage in Kansas” – Screenplay, Available

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