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March 01 18:45 2021
Uplifting and Inspiring Products to Support A Modern Lifestyle.

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to encourage vitality, support quality of life, and unlock one’s full potential. In China and Japan, tonic herbs like reishi, holy basil, ginger, and many others have long histories of being enjoyed in the forms of foods and teas. Hyperion Herbs began with the vision of sourcing the highest quality herbs possible, and making their benefits available to everyone.

High quality tea has had a similar place in many ancient cultures. Aged teas like puerh are particularly delicious, and have been enjoyed for centuries. Puerh is a specific kind of aged tea produced in Yunnan, China, having originated there thousands of years ago. It acquires a beautiful dark color and rich flavors due to the natural fermentation that takes place throughout its aging process. Traditionally, puerh’s flavor should be rich and complex, with subtle hints of camphor, menthol and lotus. In the world of top shelf tea, another favorite is gynostemma – an herbal tea known for its soothing qualities.

Humans have been burning fragrant woods and aromatic herbs, or incense, for thousands of years. Incense continues to be widely used in religions around the world, from Hinduism to Greek and Russian Orthodox Christianity. Naturally scented wood is actually very rare, and can take centuries to acquire its unique fragrance. Some cultures have even developed whole artforms centered around incense. The japanese practice of Kodo literally translates to “way of the fragrance.” It is the art of appreciating incense. During Kodo, practitioners “listen” to the incense, fully appreciating the atmosphere and quality of each different scent.
About Hyperion Herbs

Hyperion Herbs provides high quality herbs, teas, and incense, finally making these traditional products available to everyone. The result is some of the finest and most effective products in the world, free of any chemicals, fillers, or additives. All products are tested at multiple stages of production to ensure their integrity and quality throughout. No fluff, no questions. Just clean, honest, straight-forward products that lead the field and cultivate quality of life.

You can browse the full line of herbs, teas, and incense at http://www.hyperionherbs.com

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