Hocus Pocus is a leading London Animation Studio making films with impact

May 19 11:54 2020
Hocus Pocus is a leading London Animation Studio making films with impact
Leading London animation studio. Motion design and video production for social, broadcast and film. Explainer films and Corporate videos made with spirit.

When it comes to animation, Hocus Pocus is the leading name in London. They create awesome films for brands, agencies, and businesses around the world. Motion design and video production are also a few of their offerings, along with broadcast television and film. They are an animation studio that is proud of its flexibility. Every film is different and Hocus Pocus will do what they can to make sure their customer’s vision is achieved. They’ve been able to produce amazing films due in part to their great attention to detail from concept development, storyboarding, shooting, and compositing. Basing off of the videos they’ve been able to produce, customers can tell that animation is Hocus Pocus’ passion.

As an independent animation studio based in London, Hocus Pocus has the freedom to pick and choose which projects they want to work on and it’s usually jobs that excited them, whether it is from an agency or a brand or business. Several teams take on different tasks. The core creative team ensures that everything they produce is consistent with the studio’s sparkle. Another is in-charge of time-keeping and budgeting. They also work with specialist illustrators and directors if they need to. The studio is situated in Archer Street in Soho, a neighborhood full of life and where artists and art enthusiasts flock.

Hocus Pocus believes that in order for an ad to be effective, it should be able to tell the brand’s message in a memorable and impactful way to their target audience. Using emotional storytelling using video can be an effective way to engage viewers. In order to do this, Hocus Pocus adhere to three core principles: 1) It should have a clear and simple message. The messaging should be succinct and reveal a simple truth; 2) Sound design is a must. Music bridges people across generations and cultures. It’s an effective tool for arousing feelings and emotions; 3) Clear narrative and voiceover. Hocus Pocus creates short films that are 2 mins or less so it’s important that the narrative is clear, simple, and understandable. The scripts they use come from transcripts of real interviews and voiceovers are done by people coming from similar backgrounds.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hocus Pocus Studio
Contact Person: James Murphy
Email: Send Email
Phone: +44 20 3997 9300
Address:Archer Street Studios, 10/11 Archer St
City: London W1D 7AZ
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.hocuspocus.studio

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