Meg, the Next-Generation Weight Management App, Uses AI to Help Develop Healthier Eating Habits

September 20 16:51 2019

Meg is a state-of-the-art app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to coach you towards a proven nutrition regimen, personalized to you, that will help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Eating the “right” food means you’ll lose weight. This is a proven fact. The challenge has been identifying the right foods accurately, easily and conveniently. This has been impossible without a dietitian on call 24/7. Until now” said Philip Airey, the leader of the team behind Meg “We were told the problem was fat, so people went low fat, then carbohydrates were “bad”, so people went low carb, then sugar was “evil” so people went to low sugar. These fad diets have been unhelpful at best. Now we have scientific proof that one of the biggest causes of weight change are the chemicals contained in ultra-processed foods.

In May 2019, the National Institutes of Health released a report proving that when we eat ultra-processed foods, we gain weight. The study also proved that when we eat foods that have been minimally processed or unprocessed, we lose weight. So, the first question becomes, “how do we identify these weight gaining and weight losing foods easily and accurately and conveniently?” Meg answers this in a snap using artificial intelligence. 

Meg is the result of hundreds of hours of testing by our team to ensure all the data has been correctly received and processed by our AI algorithms. Meg’s AI has been tested on over 200,000 different foods and has the ability to recognize which foods lead to weight gain and which foods cause weight loss in an individual’s diet. Meg gets it right over 99% of the time.” 

Meg is really simple to use. The app tracks what you eat during the day and assigns a score to those foods. Healthy foods that encourage weight loss are given a high score, while those foods that lead to weight gain are given a low score. All that users of the app have to do is raise their score to shed those excess pounds. 

Science tells us over 75% of people lost weight with a coach and kept the weight off 2 years later. But coaching is expensive, and your coach may not be available right there and then when you need them. So, the second question is “how do we make world-class coaching affordable and available 24/7?”  Meg’s AI makes this possible. Meg has been trained with thousands of questions and answers by a team of expert dietitians and weight loss doctors. “Meg is like a dietitian in your pocket”, says Lara Field, a registered dietitian and part of the Meg team, “she takes the guesswork out of healthy eating and makes your weight loss achievable”.

Lisa Oldson, MD, a physician on Meg’s team, adds, We know that achieving weight loss success is a complex science and emotions and stress can be critical factors too. We all have good days and not so good days.  We’ve programmed Meg to help you with these factors too”. Feeling down? Tell Meg and you’ll get a supportive response and expression.  Achieve a weight loss goal or do something amazing with your exercise? Get an outrageously positive response, a smile, maybe a look of surprise or amazement! Meg is like a good friend: Always supportive. Always there for you. Never judging. 

The next stage of testing for Meg, scheduled for later in Q4 2019, is a third application of AI. Meg will analyze patterns of behavior and will predict what will uniquely help a particular individual. It might be breaking through a stubborn weight plateau or reducing late night stress eating. Meg has been designed to guide you with lessons learned from other people.  And, as she gets to know you better, Meg helps you more each day. 

The Meg app will be available for download in January 2020, but initial backers will get to use the app before anyone else. Current packages for this revolutionary new app include $6 for one month and get one month free, $38 for 6 months and $60 for 12 months.

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