“Lishui Mountain Farming” Agricultural Expo Appeared in Shanghai: Inviting Everyone to Experience the Charm of Lishui

September 20 16:39 2019

On September 16, the promotion meeting themed with “disseminate the voice of Lishui, tell good stories of Lishui, show the image of Lishui”, namely “Lishui Mountain Farming” Agricultural Products Exposition has been held in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center.


In recent years, Lishui has formed nine leading industries, such as edible fungi, tea, dried fruit, vegetables, traditional Chinese medicines, animal husbandry, Camellia oleifera, bamboo shoots and fisheries. It has launched regional public goods brands such as “Lishui Mountain Farming”, “Lishui Mountain Residence”, “Lishui Mountain Scenery”, “Lishui Mountain Flavor”, and has successively won the honor of “China’s Lentinus Town of Mushrooms”, “China’s Lentinus Eighteen special agricultural business cards, such as the hometown of famous tea, the township of Chinese Yinbai, the township of Chinese Ma Duck and the township of Chinese bees, have become important projects for the protection of Agricultural Cultural Heritage in the world and the whole country, including the symbiosis of rice and fish in Qingtian, the symbiosis of shiitake mushrooms in Qingyuan, Yunhe terrace system. In 2018, “Lishui Shannong” leaped to the top of the “China Regional Agricultural Image Brand” list and became the synonym of ecological high-quality agricultural products. In 2018, the city’s agricultural added value increased by 3.1% year-on-year, ranking the forefront of the province for many consecutive years; the per capita disposable income of rural residents in the city increased by 10.2% year-on-year, ranking the first in the province for 10 consecutive years.

“Lishui Mountain Farming” Fair of Agricultural Products appeared in Shanghai

The comprehensive exhibition area of “Lishui Mountain Farming” Agricultural Products Expo covers an area of about 2000 square meters. The overall design effect of the central exhibition area reflects the integration of “red, green, ancient and gold” with a total area of about 300 square meters. It mainly consists of the main entrance building, the auxiliary entrance building, the “Lishui Mountain Cultivation” hall, the “Lishui Mountain Residence” hall and the “Village Revitalization” hall.

County (city / district) comprehensive exhibition area adopts the form of “one county, one theme” to show local farming culture and intangible cultural heritage. Liandu: Painting Township, Bailian, Yuyue brewing (non-legacy) and other elements; Longquan: Ganoderma lucidum, Longquan red, celadon craft (non-legacy); Yunhe: Sydney, terraced fields, wood play; Jinyun: yellow tea, Yinbai, paper-cutting technology (non-legacy); Songyang: scented tea, ancient paper-making technology (non-legacy); Suichang: bamboo charcoal, Changzong, soup Xianzu culture; Qingtian: rice and fish symbiosis, stone carving culture; Qingyuan: mushroom culture, ancient corridor bridge; Jingning: Huiming tea, She Township culture, She nationality Ribbon technology (non-heritage), a total of 9 exhibition halls.

Liandu District


The brilliant and colorful multi-activities

Lishui Mountain Farming” brand living room and press meetings

The Lishui Mountain Farming Brand Living Room and Press Meeting was held in Pearl Hall of Shanghai International Conference Center at 14:00 on September 16. Guests, businessmen and journalists were invited to participate in the on-site cultural salon to carry out “Lishui Mountain Farming” brand interviews to show the achievements of Lishui regional public brand.

“Lishui Mountain Farming” Boutique Fair Activity. From September 17 to 19, the “Lishui Mountain Farming” boutique exhibition, Lishui non-heritage cultural experience and learning, Internet celebrity farmer creators publicity and future life experience were carried out in Super Brand Mall.

Next, under the guidance of “praise of Lishui”, Lishui vigorously promotes and practices the revolutionary spirit of Southwest Zhejiang, actively links up, integrates and serves the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, innovatively uses the “golden keys” of “overall planning across mountains, innovative guidance, and borrowing power from the sea”, speeds up the integration of red and green, promotes the development of high-quality green and the transmission of red, creates the most beautiful core area of Zhejiang Grand Garden of Poetry and Painting, constantly improves the “beautiful landscape” industrial system of “purchasing Lishui, living in Lishui, touring Lishui, tasting Lishui”, and strive to open up a new era of “two mountains” development realm.

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